Bill & Loathing

Words in segment: 574

Words condemning murderer: 49

Words condemning victim: 133

Words condemning critics: 327

Words apologizing for previous words: 0

“Anarchy” used in script to describe murder: 1

“Anarchy” used on screen to describe abortion: 1

Critics quoted during segment: 4

Criticisms addressed directly: 1

Criticisms diverted by reference to Bill Ayers: 1

“Tiller the Baby Killer” quoted: 2

“Tiller the Baby Killer” attributed to O’Reilly himself: 0

“Far Right” used to describe murderer: 1

“Far Left” used to describe critics: 3

Number of times “Far Right” appears at the Fox News website: 1,840

“Far Left”: 3,720

Number of times (out of 10) “Far Right” refers to Europeans on first page of Google hits: 9

Number of times “Far Left” refers to Americans: 10

Critics called “vicious individuals”: 1

References to previous criticisms of Tiller, including “Nazi stuff,” “Mao’s China,” “Hitler’s Germany,” “Stalin’s Soviet Union,” NAMBLA, al-Qaida, child rapists, “death mill.” “blood on their hands,” “judgment day,” “executing babies,” “killing babies,” and “murdering babies”: 0


That injured party act does not fool me…

He’s too busy masturbating to the thought of controlling a mostly white “army” of demented literal Christianity followers killing on his command.


I would sooner expect O’Reilly to eat his own head than apologize for anything he’s ever said or done in his life.

If there is a god, She will see to it that Rush, O’Really, Hannity and Malkin are on the next airliner that disappears over international waters without a trace.

Fox Echo Chamber. He never has to face a critic directly. And he will spur more murders – mark my words.


Not over international waters: it will crash into a mountain in the Himalayas. And all three will survive, only to be eaten by Rush Limbaugh when the crate of salteen crackers the plane was carrying in its cargo bay runs out. The wreck will have exacerbated that pimple on Limbaugh’s ass that allowed him to dodge the draft back in the Vietnam era. It will fester and stink to high Heaven. Limbaugh will die of blood poisoning from the wound mere hours before the plane is spotted by a passing helicopter carrying climbers to the base of Mt. Everest.

@Serolf Divad: Not that the helicopter would have been able to help, what with Rush being so fucking fat that the helicopter would be unable to achieve vertical lift.

O’Reilly will start advertising his show as ‘News That Kills!’ What remains to be seen is if he will send a camera crew to Tiller’s funeral and ask his wife, ‘Do you think the next bullet will be for you?’

@FlyingChainSaw: I’m sure that Rev. Phelps and his in-bred “church” will be there protesting the funeral, blaming abortion on the gheyz.

@SanFranLefty: Rush’s heft has created a large gravity well that will collapse in on itself, causing a supermassive black hole that will threaten all of us.

@SanFranLefty: Right. They’re practically Fox News correspondents. O’Reilly will have to attend to get pictures of himself in front of the casket giving a thumbs-up and a big smile. They’ll run the clip in bumpers with the chryon announcing, “Mission Accomplished!”

Related: read this NYT article as a reminder as to why abortions should be legal.

@rptrcub: Don’t get me started on the global gag rule. Republicans have the blood of millions of women around the world on their hands.

Serolf Divad / SanFranLefty / rptrcub: Not that I am a shrinking flower by any stretch, but… I’m not down with fat jokes.

Despite our differences, Rush and I are both members in good standing of the Brotherhood of Immense Gentlemen — Gut Union International. BIG-GUI membership does have its privileges. Your own personal hammock, for example. Or plenty of couches at the meeting hall on which members can fall asleep on Sunday afternoons while watching golf. Inside info on the latest labor saving techniques (a remote control caddy with drink holders saves you time and effort!) are also provided. And, much like NATO Treaty Article Five: the mutual defense provision. Much as I hate to rise to the defense of the odious brothers among us, they would do the same for me.

So: lay off the fat jokes. Oxycontin jokes are still in play, as are comments regarding his desire to destroy the country. But let the man comfort himself with food in peace.

I thank you.

@chicago bureau: Speaking as a former member of that union, I apologize.

@chicago bureau: He deserves no comfort and gains his girth through a diet of freshly killed Philipinas and Indonesian beach boys.

damn, nojo, you put more effort into that speech than bill ugh did.

@chicago bureau: As Daniel Pinkwater says – he’s diametrically disadvantaged.

Remember when I posted this a few weeks ago?

” . . . in this world we live in, people attending religious services are high on the vulnerability menu.


“(I)f someone is determined to carry out a heinous act of violence or evil, most places of worship are set up to place the worshipers in a tactically disadvantageous position. [ ]

“Those leading the service are usually focused on their own business and are probably neither trained to look for nor recognize danger signs. In fact, the chances of them even being predisposed to do so is highly unlikely ; they are there to take part in a religious service, not a security exercise.

“In the event that someone did walk into the building with murder in his heart and a weapon in his hand, even if the leader did recognize the threat and wished to take action to protect himself and those in attendance, what could he actually do? Unless he happened to be armed himself, the best he could probably do would be to raise the alarm and hope that someone in the room was prepared to take action.”

@Jamie Sommers: The real effort was transcribing it, since the text wasn’t online last night.

But I was fascinated when I realized he used the words “far right” — I didn’t think Fox was capable to acknowledging such a thing. Fox indeed does, but as shown, most often it refers to European politicians.

@redmanlaw: That line also emerged after Adkisson, if I recall — everyone should attend church armed to teeth.

@nojo: . . . which is not something I’d care to see.

@chicago bureau: Sorry honey, I think this got our juices flowing.

@SanFranLefty: He has grown bloated on evil and hatred, not food.

@chicago bureau:

Oh, I had no idea. I am the worst about that stuff, for I love the form of the “So Fat/Ugly/Stupid” joke, like one loves writing sestinas or sonnets. Mea Culpa Maxima, my friend, and truth be told I am not exactly svelte myself. I promise never to do it again.

I can still do “So Ugly”, though, right? Please?

@chicago bureau: Sorry, I hadn’t seen that when I posted my comment on Henry the K on the next post. I was thin once, and prefer to keep that vision of myself in my head and avoid mirrors, while trying to forget that Mr Cyn and I wear the same pants size. My new baking obsession is not going to help matters–two cakes and 24 cupcakes baked in the last 72 hours. Mr Cyn’s son is coming to visit and I plan to win his love with sugar.

Also sprach Tommmcatt: Hey, look — the jokes about hammocks and passing out watching golf is more of a self-critique than anything else. We do have senses of humor. You could say we are, in fact… jolly.

There’s no need for self-flagellation. Unless you’re into that sort of thing. All Is Well.

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