Young Cons

This video is making its way around the lefty blogosphere.  I made it to 47 seconds.  Good luck.


Michael Steele has been served.

1:17. I had to turn it off because I feared I would wet myself laughing.

This is like Two Girls, One Cup, right?


Is this what they meant by Beyond Cutting Edge?

47 seconds.

The last minute of the video was the best. By far.

@Jamie Sommers: You made it all the way through? You are made of sterner stuff than me.

Mere seconds, until I thought of this. Word

14 secs. And the sneer may never leave my face. I think it’s burned in.

I made it one minute, not laughing, but drowning.

What a bunch of self centred, badly scripted, ideological CRAP!

Seriously, do they think by rapping about bankrupt policies that have proved to be wrong is going to make things better?

And whoa… They weren’t wearing ties! How hip, out there and in your face. Fuck-wits.

No wonder white males get a bad rap (pardonez the pun) at dancing. Am I a stork or am I human? Enough with the knees bitches.

About 1:47.. Entirely forgettable.

And my optometrist said I needed reading glasses. I guess I’m old and cranky now.

Get off my lawn….

Douchington, party of two, your table is ready.
I do hope you found a way to entertain yourselves during the wait, and yes it is unlimited breadstick night.

This is a libtard joke, right? Does Jesus really need (more) reppin’?

In these troubled times, sometimes it’s too much trouble to discern irony?

I mean, really, rhyming “Jesus, Ronald Reagan and Atlas Shrugged”? You think they’re serious? I’d like to give the young’ns more credit than that.

Anyway, I thought it was kinda catchy.

@Jamie Sommers: Haaaaa. You made me look. And I agree.

Weird, I thought the whole point of co-opting black culture was to broaden its appeal?

@drinkyclown: I’m not the expert here, but I think the dirty not-so-secret of hip hop the past fifteen years is that its largest audience is white suburban boyz.

@nojo: With Asher Roth, are we seeing the takeover by WGs and replacement of black guys like in blues, i.e., Eric Clapton for Robert Johnson.

47 seconds. I guess it’s the baby in the Santa hat (OMG PUT JESUS BACK IN CHRISTMAS!) that got us.

Although, I can understand what they’re going for here. I hear that the rap music makes the kids understand better.

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