Fitz La La La La, La La La La!

DEVELOPING HARD: Fitzy has another official in his sights. Press conference at 1500 (EDT). Early speculation is on Junior Senator From The State Of Illinois. But he has been gunning for Richard M. Daley, Mayor, for some time now. We shall see.

UPDATE: Actually, the Sun-Times has this rumor:

Federal authorities later today plan to announce charges against Ald. Ike Carothers (29th), the chairman of the City Council’s police and fire committee, sources told the Sun-Times.

Corruption in zoning?  Boring.  Never mind.  Sorry.


Wouldn’t it just be easier at this point to build a prison wall around Illinois and deport all non-felons?

Dammit, Fitzy! I have a new tee with a pic of Junior that says “Mayor for Life” and I’m ready to wear it ironically instead of prophetically.

flippin eck: Well, Carothers is described as a staunch ally of Daley. Which makes him, of course, a rare bird. (There are 50 aldermen, and only about 47 or 48 of them are staunch allies. Brave man, Isaac is.)

Point being is that if Fitzy has tape on Carothers seeking favors from King Richard II… well… he’s getting closer.

@Original Andrew:

Just as long as Snake Plissken at some point plays a role in this scenario, I’m OK with it.

Reading the indictment provides this tidbit: among the things used to bribe Ike — such as home improvements and other goodies — were tickets to a skybox at Sox Park during the 2005 playoff run.

Ah, sport.

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