Freedom Water

From the Stinque mailbox, a French commercial from the 1980s demonstrating the benefits of Perrier’s new, um, larger package. We’d like to remind our audience that France is a Catholic nation, and their God clearly has a more wicked sense of humor than ours.


I just like effervescence done properly!

The denouement sucks dead moose ‘nads. Clearly, the bottle should have quaked frantically before the cap exploded. The neat unscrewing of the cap really destroys the whole sequence.

@FlyingChainSaw: You like a bit of rough, eh?


After seeing this I feel commercially deprived as a US American. I can has TARP funds now?

@ManchuCandidate: Can’t wait to hear what our Arizona correspondent has to say about this.

@ManchuCandidate: I too would be creeped out if Karl Rove followed my twats, or friended me on Facebook or MySpace, or tried to be closer to me in any, any manner. Hasn’t he done enough already? Didn’t we all spend the last eight years feeling his absurdly diminutive stiffie knocking on our back doors?

*sigh of relief* Since I don’t tweet or twat or twit or whatever, I guess I’m relatively safe. Karl (and Joe Arpaio, for that matter) will just have to stalk me through Stinque After Dark comments.

@ManchuCandidate: Not sure it’s as creepy as indicated — Rove “follows” 40,604 people, well beyond the point your Twitter feed is the news crawl from hell. And the sheriff is “Faux Joe Arpaio”. Perhaps Meghan is trying to upstage the Craigslist stalker?

(Besides, if you really want to stalk somebody on Twitter, bookmark the damn page. Why reveal yourself?)

Meanwhile, I note that Barrack Obama has 2,879 followers. Go team!

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