“… I had to share this shot from a lonely liberal who showed up too early yesterday (like me) at Seattle’s Tea Bag party site …”

And why hasn’t this little shitbag disappeared?


This just might be my favorite teabagging artifact.

How soon can we point our nukes at Dallas?

@Original Andrew: C’mon, we all know that’s you, Seattle Andy!

ADD: @Nojo: Not soon enough. It’s Dallas, after all.

Does ‘tea bag’ means something besides an badly designed vessel for tea to make a weak, paper-flavored bag of tea? I must confess to a dearth of hepness in the latest lingo.

This might help. I’m in my late 30s and admittedly I’ve had to use urbandictionary a few times to understand all these kiddies and their newfangled lingo.

@nojo: Funny, I was at a concert last night (which I’ve shamelessly mentioned a couple of times – now with handheld video clips! – on FB) where Jimmie Dale Gilmore joked about how after Texas voted to join the Confederacy, Austin voted to secede from Texas.

But isn’t calling for secession, um, like a crime or something? “Them’s fightin words” and all that?

I read some shit today about the Georgia Assembly was talking secession. Guess the old South just can’t take havin’ a nigra as prezident. Obama channeling Lincoln may have been a bit too prescient.

@Nabisco: Funny how it’s not being a traitor to US ‘Merika when it’s Tom “Bug Man” DeLay and Gov. Good Hair (R-Closet) leading the secession charge. I’m sure Austin will ask New Mexico to annex it.

@Nabisco, Lefty: Have you ever seen Dallas from a DC-9 at night?

@SanFranLefty: We’ll take El Paso as well. They can have our SE corner, aka Little Texas.

@redmanlaw: The best way to see Dallas is from 28,000 feet or in a rear view mirror.

Rachel: “Seceding from the Union comes back in Republican fashion.”

Well, not 1861 Republicans.

The only picture that could possibly top this one is a picture of the confused wingers trying to figure out what this fine young baller’s sign means.

@SanFranLefty: Happiness is Lubbock, Texas in my rear view mirror. Everybody sing!

I am pretty certain that “I shaved my balls for this!?” should become a meme.

It is certainly going to be an expression of choice about this house….

@redmanlaw: Dallas has an X on the spot in the road where Kennedy took the head shot. I was there on business, got a car to the airport, and I felt strange at one point in the journey – things were suddenly familiar. The driver had driven right over the X, and the book depository was behind me. Shudder.

@blogenfreude: My 9th grade American history teacher was a JFK assassination conspiracy theorist who devoted about 70% of the school year to the assassination. We did a class road trip to Dallas – after going to Six Flags, the next day we went to the Dallas Book Depository. Fun for all. I don’t remember the X on the road, though.

@SanFranLefty: It’s white – easy to miss. Hold on – I might have photographed it (I photographed everything else).

@SanFranLefty: Yeah, I don’t remember that either but I haven’t been there since 99 or so. In high school, we got to watch the Zapruder film in the school auditorium. We were warned that it was graphic. There was all this build-up about it because students would supposedly run out of class sick, etc. etc. I expected buckets of blood Friday the 13th style. So when I actually saw it, I was really disappointed.
Hmm. Guess I’ve always been an ass.

@Jamie Sommers: Didn’t Lubbock at least produce Buddy Holly? Thats something.

@Promnight: Buddy Holly and Joe Ely, the two good things to come out of Lubbock.

@Jamie Sommers: Thats strange. Did they make some kind of point about it? Try to impress that it was a lone crazy gunman, not that Texas harbors traitorous conspirators or anything?

I don’t think I am crazy, and I am not a conspoiracy theorist, either. I am just a sane non-brainwashed intelligent human being who has absorbed a lot of information about the JFK coup, and I just know that corporate warmongering fascists embedded in the intelligence and law enforcement bodies of the federal government, acting in concert with what we call the military industrial complex leaders, but it was always the miliary-financial complex warmongers and war profiteers that have been the behind the scenes power in the US, and Bush, Brown Brothers Harriman, and the CIA, the old money connecticut financiers and the defense contractors and the intelligence community which all came from the Yale and Harvard old money pipeline, they did it, and they have controlled things since WWII, and the installation of the grandson of one of their founders was their culiminating acheivement.

And they organized the teabagging parties and are fomenting revolution among the pigfuckers every day, and there will be blood before Obama leaves office, someone’s. Because they either own him, or they will destroy him, whether with a bullet or a blue dress.

@Promnight: @SanFranLefty: And Mac Davis, who wrote the song to which I refer.

@Promnight: Mmmmkay.

There wasn’t anything nefarious about the presentation. If I recall correctly, it was fairly well balanced: presenting the Warren Cmmn findings and the 2nd shooter theory. Our teacher just had access to a copy of the film and thought it would be a cool thing to show. (It kinda was.)

@SanFranLefty: Meh – can’t find it – must be on some antique hard drive. One day …

@Jamie Sommers: If I had to make a bet, I’d have placed odds on me being the first person here to mention Mac Davis.

And none of the above requires any paranoiac fantasy of some secret ruling commission handing out orders to organized cadres. Its hard for normal people to understand that for the people in the circles that control the country, there is no need for “conspiracy,” they simply share a deeply ingrained and very specific worldview and set of beliefs, such that they can act in concert without ever specifically discussing or agreeing on a specific conspiratorial plan.

Certain individual actions, those did involve conspiracies, rigging the florida vote, rigging the Ohio vote, those were conspiracies, small, compartmentalized conspiracies. The silent involvement of Bush and his family and their allies, that will never be unravelled.

In the end, they simply believe that its their birthright to control things, because they are the ones in on it, the truth of the game and how its played, and they regard democracy as a hindrance they must give lip service to as they do everything possible to thwart it.

So whenever there is a roadblock on their path to power or maintaining power, a convenient little conspiracy will spring up to destroy that roadblock. A Blue Dress, a lone gunman in a book depository, a voter purge, an intimidating police presence around minority voting places, Legitimate intelligence reports that don’t conform to the propaganda they want to use to justify a war of conquest for oil, whatever is necessary, they all know what needs to be done, and they always believe that they are being patriots to do it, because they think its the way God willed the world, to ensure that they and their kind control the world.

For God’s sake, GHW Bush won Reagan the election by committing treason and negotiating with the Iranians to make sure they held the hostages until after the election. GHW pulled in all his chits from that when he needed to to make sure the establishment would make his idiot son president.

My guess is that the tensions between the Bush camp and Cheney camp (I mean GHWB camp, W was never anything but a pawn) were just a manifestation of conflicting interests within the defense-financial complex, with Cheney the champion of the defense industry, and Israel, which buys a lot of hardware.

Abortion, gay marriage, fundies in the justice department, thats all the sideshow, the games they play manipulating factions for support, they could givee a shit about that. They are about war. Their is huge money in war.

@Jamie Sommers: Oh, it was all the initiative of your cool teacher, thats cool. I am glad he had the freedom to do all that.

I have pics of the “x”–was at the depository museum a couple summers ago. Pretty interesting place, but definitely strongly biased toward the “trust us, we’re the gov’t and we’re here to tell you the truth” side. There is a great deal about civil rights and rotating exhibits. Lots about the Kennedy family and I was really touched, actually. My favorite part, of course, was outside with teh crazies on the grassy knoll with all their earnest posters covered in plastic wrap and home-published books for sale. And the homeless guys trying to get a piece of the action….all and all quite entertaining. Yeah, I did buy one of the books…

@cuthbert: I could not manage to go into the museum – just spent a few hours taking exterior shots.

Hey, the Alaska Legislature rejected Palin’s racist, gun-nut, fucktard AG nominee! Yay!

@SanFranLefty: I know Beesco got it.

@blogenfreude, sfl: You guys could have caught RFK Must Die or whatever on the IFC earlier. ( They had a cool Russian vampire movie last night, too.)

@Promnight: Mrs RML graduated from Lubbock High. She had Buddy Holly’s English teacher in her last year. She had Buddy in her first year of teaching.

@Jamie Sommers: And Mrs RML is totally familiar with all the West Texas musicians. She met Natalie Maines when thee future Dixie Chick was about 3 while doing a story on her dad, the legendary steel guitar player Lloyd Maines.

@blogenfreude: I cried at JFK’s and RFK’s graves this winter, brought my son, and he did too. Lots of people were silently weeping there. Most were foreigners.

@redmanlaw: Rock and Roll would be very different if there had been no Buddy Holly. I believe the influence of western country swing is vastly underestimated in the history of Rock and Roll. Bill Haley and the Comets was a western swing band. Sing Sing Sing is a rock and roll song. Replace claronettes with guitars in the arrrangements.

Holly invented the song structure of the beatles. They started as a Holly tribute band, near enough.

Just watching Daily Show’s coverage of TeaBagging.

John Ratzenburger was one of the celebs supporting Teabagging. Fiction has over taken reality. The Teabaggers are the real life Cliff Clavens except not as witty as their words aren’t written by comedy writers.

@redmanlaw: The movie is called “RFK Must Die: The Assassination”. Prom would like it – CIA, impossible shots from a lone gunman, etc. It is on the DOC channel tonight, not IFC. RML regrets the error and will correct errors as we become aware of them.

Hey, we need more folks working on the bible!
You don’t have to try to deal with Chronicles with all the “cubits”, etc.
Take a whack at Amos, it’s already full of piss and vinegar. YHWH is ticked off and taking no prisoners, it’s an easy one.
Job flows into zombiehood like chilled Alsatian Pinot Gris across a parched tongue. Give it a try.
There’s still lots to do.

@Ewalda: Yeah yeah yeah, don’t remind me I’m only still on Chapter 5 of Job.

I’m watching my favorite movie ever – Fish Called Wanda – at the scene where there is the negotiation between Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline about what body parts may or may not be touched by John Cleese. I think I need to pause and rewatch.

@SanFranLefty: @Ewalda: Okay, big admission: I don’t really understand the zombie genre. I’ve never seen a movie with zombies or read anything about them. I fear trying to fake my way through, especially now that the Canadian MSM is following us. I don’t want to let down the team.

@Mistress Cynica: Sugar plum, as if I have a clue about Zombies. I just fake it and replace the thees and thous with modern pronouns, and add “fuck” and “zombie” at any given moment as a modifier or adverb. Plus I have my overarching theme that I’m remaking Job to be an asshole hedge fund manager. I still have 47 chapters to go. I’ve picked Job and I’m sticking to it, as much as an ordeal that might be.

(Oy fucking vey)

@Mistress Cynica: Read “World War Z” and see “Shaun of the Dead”.

@SanFranLefty: You’re making me want to see Wanda again. As you enjoy it so much might I point out some movies like The Lavender Hill Mob, or The Ladykillers? Any of the Ealing comedies. J Cleese brought one of the top Ealing directors out of retirement (otherwise known as, no one would give him a job) to work on Wanda which is one reason for its blissful silliness. I remember him saying in an interview that the whole trick was the second act, shaping the second act so that the story doesn’t flag and the audience doesn’t get tired.

@Mistress Cynica: Zombies? Me neither. In my case I put it down to my not having attended an American school. The best I can manage is Middlemarch of the Zombies. But that’s just the old green room game of putting two titles together to try to keep the dancers amused.

I’m wondering if we couldn’t start a Don’t Let the Door Hit Your Ass on the Way Out movement to speed Texas on her way. But only if she takes OK, AL, and Mississippi with her, aka The Republic of Retardia. We can close the borders and act like we don’t know they’re there.

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