Marilyn Chambers, 1952-2009

99 44/100% perv

Porn star Marilyn Chambers found dead in L.A. County home [LA Times]

Great Moments in Contextual Advertising:

God's will.


Now I understand why three neighbors are in the process of painting their front doors green…

And yet Dick Cheney still walks the earth.

The Cramps, “Green Door” – Cover of an old rock and roll song.

Midnight, one more night without sleeping
Watching, ’til the morning comes creeping
Green door, what’s that secret you’re keeping

There’s an old piano and they play it hot
Behind the green door
Don’t know what they’re doing but they laugh alot
Behind the green door
I wish they’d let me in so I could find out what’s
Behind the green door

Wiki helpfully informs that when she moved to SF, she found employment as a “topless model and bottomless dancer”.

@redmanlaw: Look Mom, No Head!

@Nabisco: Isn’t that a famous line? Or am I thinking of “Headless Body in Topless Bar”?

Privateish to JNOV: more death news — this time, closer to home.

@chicago bureau: Bummer! He was our Harry Caray minus the goofy glasses. (I’m still praying the Phils don’t win NUTHIN’ this year. NUTHIN’! Crazy hooligans!)

@redmanlaw: rml…You sump’n else,
man! Having wriggled back into my clothing, I hurried to supply the lyrics. However you had already done so, amazing me like The English Patient astonished the Willem Dafoe character with the infallible totality of his musical knowledge. (Aside: I know your tastes are eclectic as well as encyclopedic. But have you ever, EVER, heard any band (!) as ill-suited to anything as these guys? Cramps? bring it on: Crimps:…some dry powder, please: Crips?…your application has been denied.

@nojo: As I recall, “boobless” would be more apropos. RIP, Ms. Chambers.

The hair wasn’t enough to keep him free?

I read a bit about the trial in Esquire (it was free at the hotel) and aside from the fact he is a “celebrity” I don’t understand why this guy wasn’t in a mental institution long ago.

@blogenfreude: Dude pulled a pistol on the Ramones while producing/wrecking “End of the Century”, so I have no sympathy. Wonder if he’ll put up a wall of sound in prison?

@blogenfreude: I’m sure the Obama team is just thrilled that Spector wore a button that says “Barack Obama Rocks” when the verdict was read.

ADD: And an American flag pin. Nice touch.

More grim reaper news: Detroit Tigers phenom Mark Fidrych is reported to have died at his farm in Mass.

@blogenfreude: Aw, man! At first I read that as “Arlen Specter,” and I was ready to do my happy dance like I did when Frank Rizzo died, but I couldn’t remember Arlen being up on charges. Nonetheless, I am happy to see this shitbag Spector was found guilty. I will miss his hair dos.

@JNOV: What’s really incredible is that two morons on the first jury voted to acquit.

@Dodgerblue: Oh, don’t get me started on SoCal juries! What does it take to convict someone down there?

There are African-American folks who think OJ was guilty but who also believe that the LAPD is racist and will frame you after it kicks your ass up and down the street. I think people were thrilled with the verdict because finally a brother (with money) got a good defense and the LAPD was shown to be the racist organization it was (still is?).

@Dodgerblue:and everyone knows that the Bird was the Word.

More on the “death tip”: famed queer theorist and personal hero of mine Eve Sedgwick died recently as well. Every time you inform a naked frat boy playing beer pong with his “bros” that he seems to be having some….issues not unrelated to the queerness he hates so much in others, it’s thanks to her work.

@Nabisco: Pa -pa ooh mow mow / pa-pa ooh mow mow/ Pa -pa ooh mow mow / pa-pa ooh mow mow

@JNOV: many have died so that we could see the relic known as the Kit Kat of Turin. it now resides within the walls of the Holy See, next to the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch in the Hall of the Tortillas.

@blogenfreude: Assholes. It was obvious the guy was drowsy due to Easter dinner and he was desperately trying to stay awake so he could safely navigate home. Clearly, this was public safety pestorking.

@redmanlaw: Yeah, I got that at work last week, but wasn’t sure if I could consider y’all “official use”. Legal opinion?

@redmanlaw: Yeah, I was looking at that this morning. Wingnuts went nuts over the last one, too. And then somebody killed three cops.


Oh dear lord, the teabaggers are gonna set their Terrah Alert Level to Vanilla Chai.

@ManchuCandidate: Because only the poors are crazy. The rich are just “eccentric.”

TJ/ Minn Supremes say Stuart Smalley is good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people like him.

Prepare for wave of wingnut shrieking against “activist” courts and demanding another vote while missing whole irony of Florida 2000 mess.

@Nabisco: I just don’t think that Spector ruined anything by the Ramones, I love the wall of sound, and Spector had a genuine appreciation for Joey’s voice, which is still so underrated. Rock and Roll Radio is one of my favorite ramones songs. All that time, they and many other punk bands were using punk buzz guitar to imitate the wall of sound, all my favorite punk bands sound like the spector girl groups, most of all, the Buzzcocks.

@BRB: Amen. Best comment of the thread, so far.

@BRB: BRB, the most pervasive aspect of homoerotic tendencies among your jocks and frats is their hatred of women, the way they regard them as nothing more than props in their macho posturing rituals. My way of simplifying a complex phenomenon in a sound bite is to say that these macho heterogenous societies don’t actually value heterosexual sex, sex with women, for its own sake, they screw women solely, or almost solely, in order to gain respect among their male peers. They persue sex with women mostly for the purpose of earning the respect and affection of their male friends.

Thats not heterosexuality, thats something completely different.

@Nabisco: BTW, listen to The Locomotion, and then Born to Run, back to back.

TJ: listen to this woman from the Brit american idol. I would be interested in your opinion, Benedick.

@Promnight: I think she has a bright future doing the singing voice for animated Disney features, etc. She can sing that stuff. Can she act? Doesn’t matter if you are doing animation voice.

Vis a vis Marilyn Chambers, what the fuck? She was beautiful. But there is some crazee in those eyes. Why?

I can understand why men like porno. At least, I can understand why they like to be titillated by visual depictions of an act they love to perform. Provided their taste is within bounds of respect for other humans.

I have no moral judgment on anyone’s sexual activities, as long as they don’t hurt or degrade anyone. And I suppose there are people who are simply so proud of their sexual abilities that they do really like to show them off. I will admit that there are “porn stars” who truly love their work, and achieve a profound sense of pride in executing a demanding performance, pride born of working hard to master arcane matters of technique we amatuers know nothing of.

But still some tinge of puritanism in me, makes me doubt it, makes me inclined to think that a society that does not have this schizophrenic, puritannical and yet permissive, attitude, would have neither porn nor porn fans nor people incloned to perform in porn.

I think porn can only thrive in a deeply puritannical, and sexist, and hypocritical, society. Ours is, and the majority are so completely unaware of it, because its the water they swim in.

@Promnight: Awesome, the opening bars are the same, especially this version by Little Eva, good catch my friend.

I was being overly harsh on Spector of course, he was a musical genius (although he mostly made hash out of Lennon’s “Rock ‘n Roll” album, despite that also being a gem in my collection) especially with his early stuff, and I think you’re right: Joey and Phil had a mutual admiration that foundered on Phil’s nutty behavior. I think Johnny walked out of the sessions when Spector brandished his already famous gun (see Lennon, Rock ‘n Roll sessions).

@Promnight: The Locomotion, and then Born to Run Bah, cheap shot, since Bruce deliberately wanted to duplicate Spector’s sound.
Phil started something, didn’t do it half as well as his artistic followers, was married to his biggest star for awhile, and killed someone.
His actual “wall of sound” recordings are crude, and I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because the technology he could afford was crude, but Motown acts of the same era did it better and more professionally. Listen to any Martha and the Vandellas record and you’ll hear what I mean.
As far as following one tune with another, I’ve always been amazed at what happens when you play The Doors’ The End followed by Patti Smiths’ Gloria

@BRB: I hadn’t heard that. Epistemology of the Closet takes me back to Queer Theory in undergrad…

@Promnight: M. Chambers beautiful? HaHaHa. What you been smoking, man? Have you ever seen any of her films?

@Nabisco: Clarence Clemons is the wall of sound. The signature sound of the wall of sound is a sound of buddy holly drums and a droning big sax, you know, the great big one. It is all of Springsteen. And in the kind of punk I like, the guitars are providing that same driving drone.

@Ewalda: I never have, ewalda, but I think she is beautiful from the pic at the top of this thread. I like to think everyone is, cheap sentiment but there it is. Thats why I smiled at the british woman on their american idol, she has apparently had a hard life because of her looks. Looks shouldn’t matter so much. Everyone should be beautiful to someone.

Thought I’d stop in and see how things are going.
Guess things are perking along just fine without me, as I expected.
Carry on, Prommie, et al.
I’ll check in some time in the future to see if the kids are alright.

@Promnight: And check out the picture I put up in the latest post … she’s totally girl-next-door IMHO.

@blogenfreude: Good one. Hides her enormously huge jaw that gives her the classic horse face normally shown by the camera.
See y’all later.

@Ewalda: WRT Spector’s talent and Motown and later version of the style, yes, all you say is true also. There is no right or wrong in these matters, and from putting forth these propositions and reading responses such as yours, I learn more about the subject and all is subject to revision on learning more.

Peggy Sue has the full wall of sound going on, years before Spector.

The Clash did it in London Calling.

Ladysmith Black Mombasa does nothing else. The “weem oh wep” in The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is wall of sound.

Spector defined a particular adaptation of it that has had resonance in many disparate places.

@FlyingChainSaw: Would have been more impressive if done on a motorcycle.

@Ewalda: @Promnight: Oh lord boys. Bygones and all. Don’t make me fly to your respective coasts and kick you in the fucking nuts. Cuz if you don’t think I will talk to SFL.

@Ewalda: Maybe I’ll give you the jaw, but she’s no Sarah Jessica Parker. Whinny … NEIGH!!! Got sugar cubes?

@Ewalda: Oh come on dude. You know it is out of love.

Somewhere, somehow, I deeply offended you, ewalda and I have no idea why or how.

I am free and forceful with my opinions, and I know it comes off as arrogant. But I would have thought you would see beyond that. I value my opinions as much as I value myself, a poor fucking schmuck muddling through life like everyone. I am sorry if its that, I am sorry if its what appears to be insensitivity, I am sorry if its genuine asshole behavior on my part, and I know I am guilty of that too. I would not care at all, would not apologize or bother myself at all if you were not someone I like and respect.

@Ewalda: Hey sugar plum, good to see you and your ’70s porn avatar – in honor of Marilyn?

@homofascist: Fuckin A. That is funny.

I hate to be the cause of awkwardness and bad feelings among the rest of you stemming from this thing. And I truly don’t understand this thing at all. My apologies to you all.

@Promnight: @homofascist: Jesus fucking Christ.
OK. I was in the muzik biz for too long to not be jaded.
Here: All pop music is fucking wonderful and oh, so important.
My encyclopedic knowledge of virtually all recordings prior to 1985 in all genres, combined with my knowledge of music theory, jazz, folk and “classical” music composed from 1685 to the present, which accumulated over the course of ~15 years in a once-capable mind with not enough challenge in everyday life, has become a burden and a personal annoyance that I am sick to death of.
I apologize if I have insulted anyone.
Now let me retire in peace for awhile. I’ll check back at some later date to see if I’m fit to be among this clan of Stinquers.

@Promnight: Lord Jesus. This one is even better.

And I say this out of a place of love, and you know that. But you were a little bit of a dick not so long ago, so it is probably taking some folks a little time to be able to cut you some slack. I know for a 100% fact that you know this, and you are just going to need to man up and take your lumps for a little while. We are a family, and you know how family sometimes works. So take a breath and relax. It will be spring soon, time for cookouts and boat rides and laughing about teabagging. It will all be good.

@Ewalda: Neil Young did what sounded like an early version of “Love is a Rose” on “BBC Crown Jewels” from the early 70s last night on Fuse or Vh1.

Speaking of pop music, I was talking to Son of RML about his fave new band Hollywood Undead tonight. I told him that I doubted they would be around 30 years from now like this Springsteen guy but that he’d still get a kick out of hearing one of their singles years from now like a FB friend who is a daughter of friends of mine (I rode back from the hospital with her) who was getting nostalgic for her 90s music, as she posted one night from the dorm. I’m told that she does a wicked Trent Reznor at kareoke.


Looks like Vitter’s been eating his pain. Do ya think he’s a Similac or an Enfamil kinda guy?

@Original Andrew: I thought people in the south just filled their baby bottles with whiskey and a little powered non-dairy creamer.

@Promnight: God what a loathsome program. Who are all those dicks? That being said, the woman has a voice although she’s flat at the top. Also shrill. And nothing much going on at the bottom where she drops out. The whole trick to pop-bombast is to be able to belt up and down the voice while keeping enough head mixed in not to go flat. I don’t like the style in a man’s voice: I think it makes them sound like kazoos and stops the voice from ringing out, but it’s the fashion right now. The song was set too low for her I thought but she did pretty well. In a studio they could fix a lot of that and a good teacher could free her up.

BTW. there’s an enchanting PBS show called Operatunity. Try to see it. The English National Opera conducts a nation-wide search to find someone who can sing Gilda in Rigoletto. At least, that’s how it ends up.

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