MSNBC: Take It to HBO, Pal

Chronicles of BlarniaNojo to MSNBC:

Well, we follow in the political-commentary tradition of George Carlin and Lewis Black, so we like to make full use of the language. Soon as the world itself becomes less profane, we’ll reconsider.

MSNBC to Nojo:

I understand. And your blog site is a very good one with both entertainment and political value. MSNBC is really starting to scrutinize our members more closely. In a tough economy, advertisers have tighter ad budgets and although this type of language has become more mainstream it can still be distasteful for some companies.

We thought scrutinizing our member is what got us into this mess.


That’s fine with me. I don’t get MSNBC and they charge extra. Rather get the Canada City version of Skinemax anyway.

If we’re going to cuss about something, let’s do it right. Let’s get creative in our rage against the cop who prevented Ryan Moats from being with his mother-in-law during her final moments because of his power trip. The video of that thing makes me want to beat his head in.

It is kind of twisted to sit around scrutinizing your member all day. I mean, it’s not going to go away between uses or something. Are these people for real? Can we get KO to get outraged about this? CandL, at least? They are fans of the We got Finn’s address around here somewhere, don’t we?


@FlyingChainSaw: Emailed Finn yesterday, but he didn’t bite.

Nobody’s gonna get outraged about advertisers pulling their money from pottymouth websites, even though it does shed light on the Think Progress campaign against O’Reilly’s advertisers.

Now you have an advertisement for “Walden University,” which is an amazing coincidence, because I thought thats where Zonker, and BD, and Boopsie and the rest went. But just this morning I read in the paper about the appointment of a new superintendant of schools in a neighboring town, at a salary of $150,000, and lo and behold, I see thats this guy has a PhD. from “Walden University” in something called “Education Leadership.” And I thinks to mice elf, “this could not possibly be a bullshit degree from an online diploma mill, could it?”

@Jamie Sommers: Have this tattooed somewhere on your body, for it is an eternal truth and one which everyone should internalize, learn it, live it, love it: “There is no situation on earth so bad that a cop can’t make it worse.” It should be the first and last consideration of all policymakers when considering any and all legislation that would give the mouth-breathing thugs more power.

Oh please we’re not still talking about how you can’t say fuck shit piss cunt are we? You only make them seem like they mean something. BWT. Since no one asked, I wrote a romantic comedy (a genre I despise) in which the characters did little else but curse. There was a scene in which two men said the word fuck over and over and over and over. It made me laugh though I got told off by the reviewers who found the whole thing beneath them. They lived in NJ so they would know.

TJ. I have been out clearing brush. Yes. Effete Limey elitist bastard asshole crusted turd that I am. I think this means that I could put myself forward to be the motherfucking Republicunt dickwad at the next election thingy. I MUST set up a PAC. nojo, darling, do you do pacs?

Other TJ/ It’s no longer the ‘Freedom Tower’. I think we can all fucking breathe a sigh of fucking relief. It will now be the ‘Fuck France Tower of Power.’ Anchor locations are available as of 2042.

P.S. Fuck advertisers.

And Michelle Bachmann

@Jamie Sommers:
That cop probably thought he was making an audition tape for one of those shows like “Cops” where blustering and power tripping in the name of law ‘n’ order is considered a virtue.

We need a study that shows people who curse buy a lot of shit.

@nojo: Tourette’s victims, studies show, buy 6.3 cars a year and 6 times the national average in consumer electronics, books, packaged groceries and christian dating services.

Done. Get the MSNBC fuckwits on the phone and we’ll straighten out their shit.

@nojo: If they do, they’re apparently not buying things at walmart since some dickwad there arrested a woman for saying fuck.

@nojo: Like Gordon Ramsay – he buys all kinds of shit – he’s rich, and he’s got lots of successful restaurants.

@Benedick: Other TJ/ It’s no longer the ‘Freedom Tower’.

I read that over my bowl of wheaties and cup of joe this morning, and felt my cynical heart warm a couple of degrees (Farenheit, however).

What the fuck is going on in this god-forsaken fucking place? Hey, MSNBC — feel free to kiss my tri-racial ass, you fucktard asshats. Motherfucker!

@FlyingChainSaw: Naw. My Tourette’s compels me to go to Wal Mart and buy socks.

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