Tinfoil Hat?


To me, this sounds like that zOMG! George Soros Jewish bankers Bilderberg teh Jewz and the Illuminati schtick. To you?


This is libtard conspiracy theory.

@Prommie: Seems like old times. Hey, is the Trilateral Commission still around?

@nojo: Or the Knights Templar? I’m behind on my conspiracy theories.

@blogenfreude: “Nevertheless, in spite of the fraternity’s official disclaimers, some Masons, non-Masons and even anti-Masons insist that certain Masonic rites or degrees originally had direct Templar influence.”

Moment I saw the Pyramid Eye over the White House, the game was up.

It would sort of make sense if there were furrins bankers who has moneys.

Euro Region? No dough. All major banks in serious merde.
England? Money sunk into Iceland.
Iceland? Disappeared like the glaciers.
Asia? China slowly going under. Japan sunk. Korea and rest nope.
(As someone of Korean descent, I can safely say it is not us. Too much Jeebus and not enough of the inscrutable oriental.)

Can it be? Is it? The Jews? Not really because Madoff hosed a large chunk of the really rich ones and the rest are caught up in the maelstrom like the rest of us (OMG, Jews as normal folk what a concept!)

I’m betting it’s those fucking Greys. You know. the big eyed aliens with grey skin, you know. Like this one.


@nojo: Can’t help it – every time I see Pyramid Eye it reminds of penultimate scene in Being There.

You can join the Rosicrucians, still. Robert Anton Wilson wrote the best horror-fantasy book about secret societies and such, I loved it, only book I ever read that scared me, but it was 1982, and I have forgotten the name.

Wait. Much of this sounds eerily similar to some of the comments I posted last night…

OK, you found me out: I am Alex Jones.

@ManchuCandidate: Conspiracy theorists are optimists at heart. They always prefer intelligent design over mass delusion and incompetence.

@Pedonator: I take back what I said about fucking you.

I am going to cash in my Ameros and retire to my bunker.

@Pedonator: We all become Gore Vidal when pushed to the limit, but at least he’s charming about it.

I always go with mass delusion and incompetence.


Dude, we queers are pulling the puppet strings, living on Kobe Beef and Crystal, and laughing our asses off. We’re all up in the whole “Masons” thing, too, trust me. Why do you think the logo is so cool?

Beau Bridges has really let himself go, hasn’t he?


Honey, my husband won’t let me attend those meetings anymore….

Y’know this sounds awfully a lot like “Interface” by Stephen Bury (Neal Stephenson and another author).

Foreign investors see America tanking, and fund a candidate they can really control.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!:
my husband won’t let me attend those meetings anymore
It’s the whole leather apron / ritual buggery / Tweedle-Dee, Tweedle-Doe, Tweedle-Dum murder thing, isn’t it? The SigOth never understands our needs.

Since you guys also control Hollywood, can you do me a favor and make sure the Star Trek movie doesn’t suck? kthxbai.

I think it’s too late for that, based on what I’ve read.

The great thing about Facebook and Stinque is that I don’t have any time to peruse conspiracy sites like I used to. How my boys tha Reptilians doin’?

/rocked the Glock at the range today. Wow. Going again tomorrow.

TJ/Anyone know what a chemical engineer does and who I could talk to to find out?

PS. Why is shorting a stock not a criminal offense?

I do, sort of.

A chemical engineer is someone who designs, improves and maintains processes for the manufacture of chemicals. They determine what raw materials go into the process, what steps are required, the ideal temperature/pressure/concentrations of materials at which each step must be done at as well as disposal of waste products and refinement.

Does this help?

@Benedick: There’s an argument that some shorting is good, but only in controlled circumstances. As with everything else, the problem is the methodical removal of regulations that used to prevent this kind of shit from happening.

The guy has been president for six seconds. Me thinks this boy has jumped the gun a bit.


I noticed that the fair nation of Canadia is conspicuously absent from your list.

‘Cause no one would ever suspect the Canucks, right?

@Benedick: from wikipedia

“Chemical engineering largely involves the design and maintenance of chemical processes for large-scale manufacture.”

“The chemical industry proper manufactures inorganic and organic industrial chemicals, ceramics, fuels and petrochemicals, agrochemicals (fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides), plastics and elastomers, oleochemicals, explosives, detergents and detergent products (soap, shampoo, cleaning fluids), fragrances and flavors, additives, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals.”

@drinkyclown: All in the same vat. They just add different colors and packaging, afterwards.

Back on topic, compare production values of this video to the unwatchable mess from yesterday! Unfortunately, slick and well funded crazy is far less entertaining than inept and cheap crazy.

@Ewalda: Haha totally, just one huge vat of oily polymers, and like a hundred different taps off the bottom labeled SHAMPOO and EXPLOSIVES and FRAGRANCE

I need to talk to said chemical engineer, particularly one who might be able to clue me in on what the job was in the 40s.



I can refer you to my chemical engineer, Doctor Feelgood.

@Benedick: Wow, that sounds like a fascinating story (I’m not joking). I don’t know anyone you might talk with. Do you need to narrow things down a bit? I mean, from the 1930s til 1945, whether you were working for I.G.Farben or Dupont made a big difference, if you get my drift.

@Benedick: At this late date, perhaps it would be best to find someone in academia. There must be source material and/or a professor who knows the ins and outs. Not the broad historical overview from the history books. Not that kind of history, the small stuff. About people you’ve never heard of. Someone who knows juicy stories like who shot who in the Embarcadero in August 1879. Wait….

@Benedick: You, sir, need a librarian. My first suggestion would be to contact the Chemical Engineering dept at Cornell. There are two Professors Emeriti listed on the (enormous) faculty list. My thinking: they’re retired, bored, and would love to talk about the good old days. They may not have been working in the field in the ’40s, but they can remember who was and what they were doing. Actually, the best first step might be to call the engineering library reference librarian listed in their staff directory, explain what you’re researching, and ask them for suggestions of people to talk with and materials to read. Librarians are MUCH more helpful than dept secretaries. Another good place to talk with librarians about this project is the Science and Engineering branch of NYPL, at 188 Madison Ave. I have a friend who used to be the Engineering Librarian at U of OK; I’ll e-mail her this weekend and see what she suggests.

@Mistress Cynica: I knew I loved you for more than just your looks.

@Mistress Cynica: You, sir, need a librarian.

That is the best superhero tagline ever!

@nojo: You’re mixing us up with the Jews.

While you’re at it, mix me up with a hot Jew, like one of those IDF studmuffins in baked’s harem. Bonus points if he’s swarthy.

@nojo: I’ve got an audience with Steve Wynn to discuss my plans for the next hot theme resort in Las Vegas: Wall Street. You should get in early, I guarantee an excellent return on your money. And all you have to do is find a few more investors…

[TJ] May I ask SFL to ligh a few candles on her St Francis shrine for the wildlife having to battle with 100 tonnes of oil along the coast of Queensland.

Turtles and and fishes and birds need your help!!

Also a shit load (31 shipping containers) of ammonia nitrate fertiliser was lost overboard in an area that alreay has algal problems. It’s no Exxon Valdez, but the environment up there is so fragile, it needs all the help it can get!

@CheapBoy: That’s awful. I’ll say a prayer to FSM for the fishes and turtles and birds.

Also the spin machine already in full swing: related headline: “Ships, not animals, most at risk from spill”.

@Original Andrew:
Of course. The fat pantload I call Prime Minister is touting Canada City’s fizcal health (irony as he advocated a more “free” fizcal policy that would put us in the very mess you folks are in), but I have to see that we’re not all that cunning.

@Mistress Cynica: Thanks so much. I have no clue how to research. I just go to the nearest Denny’s eg. and ask if anybody knows how to grind raw lapis lazuli into cobalt blue and is it like rilly rilly hord?

I might bother you more in the sand pit.

@Benedick: Anytime, darling. I love finding information.

@Tommmcatt: It’s What Your Right Arm Is For!: Your ghey pass will be revoked, isn’t it Cristal?

@Mistress Cynica: You are a goddess librarian.

@CheapBoy: Candles lit. I forgot to blow out the St. Francis candle I was burning for Cynica’s kitteh the other night and Mr. SFL yelled at me at 5 am because when he came out of the bedroom to go start the coffee pot he discovered the St. Francis candles were still burning. I blame the combo of two martinis and an Ambien.

@SanFranLefty: But Gwydion is better, and that’s probably why. Thanks, SFL.

@SanFranLefty: Thank you SFL. They have already had to relocate one clutch of hatching turtle eggs, and bird washing continues apace.

Someone in Hong Kong is going to lose a lot of money over this one, they lied about how much oil had been lost, the original claim was ‘only ‘ 20,000 , as opposed to the now 100,000 whatevers…

@Pedonator: Good one! While watching this video, I thought hey, let’s see what happens if I suggest that FCS is Alex Jones, but I quickly decided against it because the wrath of FCS is terrible to behold and I’m a grade A coward. (I thought of it because the ONLY part of this that tempted me to think this guy might merit some serious attention is his belief that oligarchs are running things. The trouble is the oligarchs really aren’t superhuman and they’re too greedy to be well-organized.)

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