Bush’s Body Count

klutzDeep thought:

President Obama lifted the restrictions on stem-cell research yesterday.  But suppose Preznit Bunnypants hadn’t put them in place to begin with?

Sure, we know about the dead in Iraq – the people, the soldiers – and we know what happened in New Orleans. But how many people would be alive today if Bush hadn’t put his religion before the rest of us?  How many people would be walking instead of in wheelchairs had science not been hobbled for the past eight years?  How many people would be enjoying their lives instead of suffering?  We’ll never know.


I think Unicorn got it right (to a certain extent) when he said that we’re looking forward now, not back. If we turn around and examine all the bullshit we’ve just been dragged through, suicide is going to start looking like a pretty handy option.

My dead Grandpa. My grandmother and great aunt currently ravaged by Alzheimer’s. My dear friend’s mother with advanced Parkinson.

@SanFranLefty: We also went through a few years of Alzheimer’s with my late father in law.

At least we can add Reagan to the bodycount.

@SanFranLefty: This is why religious nutjobs must be defeated at the ballot box. They fuck up nearly everyone’s life.

Iraqis don’t count though, right? I mean, WE LIBERATED THEM.
As to American soldiers, their job is to die, correct?
And people in New Orleans? Aren’t they expendable?

You know what the real victim is? Prayer in schools.

No, the real victims have always been US American rich entitled white Jeebus lovers.

Poors, browns and other Benetton folk are just in the way.

by definition, the religious are delusional. i was reading about the pyramids in mexico. once a thriving metropolis where harmony with the universe and peace reigned for centuries became a bloodbath when the holy folk decided the drought was surely caused by angry gods, and natch, the only way to appease them was to murder and dismember infants. there’s a straight line of thought, don’t you think? yay religion.

“Today you have about 20 million people who buy all of Ann Coulter’s books, watch Rush Limbaugh. Send money into the televangelists. It’s all the same people,” explained Schaeffer, adding, “It’s not a big percentage. It’s just a loud percentage. This is the drunk on the subway making trouble in the car for all of the people on the subway. There are 100 decent citizens on there, there is one ass in the front that’s molesting women. That’s the Republican Party now in terms of the loud car.”

Rawstory – Ex-Fundamentalist Castigates Republicans For Being a Fifth Column


@SanFranLefty: It pains me to hear the extent of your losses to the neuropathic group of illnesses alone. It will be
two years this July since I underwent Deep Brain Stimulation surgery for treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. This treatment involves precise implantation of sensory devices which are adjustable to regulate brain activity, by means of a Neuro Stimulator embedded in the upper chest wall. This procedure is probably the best available in the USA as of now.
Supposedly, typically one requires 50 percent less levodopa,, and may experience as well about 50 percent less impairment, e.g. tremor, sense of imbalance, diskinesia) (involuntary movements upon which Rip.Ugly.Con standard-bearer Rush Limp.bough is the foremos expert. All I can say is: thank God that it’s over. The president of all the people is moving forward. But, relating to the crimes committed by so many elected and appointed persons, I would argue that however long it takes, we must demand an accounting for their war crimes, treachery, and monumental stripping of the assets of their country. We should start by sending their unrepentant asses to Guantanamo to relax and get to know the other guests better. Not doing anything would make us complicit in history’s biggest crime spree.

Agree with you about the need for accounting. I know Unicorn wants to focus on the future, but I hope it’s not just history books that make the accounting for the wrongdoings of the past 8 years.

I’m so sorry to hear that you had to undergo such an intrusive surgery, and I hope it is helping you. My friend’s mom had the surgery, but she had to fight a certain HMO for several years over whether it would be covered, that by the time she had the surgery her Parkinson’s was too advanced for it to do any good.

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