Puff the Magic Kitty


Slow day? Fine. Here’s the Cat Bong story. Near as we can tell, Michael Phelps has nothing to do with it.

Neb. deputies say man stuffed cat inside ‘bong’ [AP]

That’s the dumbest fucking bong I’ve ever seen. Duct tape, garden hose, and a shoebox?

@SanFranLefty: I was thinking the same thing. The only way that makes any sense is if he built the bong to put the kitten in. (OMG, why am I trying to make sense of this story?)

Jesus Christ that’s obviously a gas can. Nobody should smoke out of a bong that dumb.

That can’t be better than a gravity bong. All you need is a sink and a 2 liter bottle. Or so I have heard.

@Jamie Sommers is unfairly harsh!: Problem is, I knew a guy in college who would just cage his cat and exhale at it. I probably would have protested but I didn’t want to, like, you know, hassle him.

Plus he kept tarantulas, and I gots me arachnaphobia big time.

Stupid dufus. Two words: “Cat Nip.” It’s what gets them high.

Hey, it was veterinary marijuana, you can see he obviously made the bong for the express purpose of administering the right dosage to the cat to treat its “hyperness,” and even built a window in one side so he could observe the effects. And giggle his ass off.

@Nabisco: Now if you must administer the MJ to your cat, that’s the way to do it. It makes no sense to put a cat you’re trying to calm down in an enclosed box half filled with bubbling water and smoke.

That is not responsible use of the holy weed, IMHO.

ADD: Or perhaps cat dander improves the high. Hmmmmm….

I was gonna take out the cat before I got high
I coulda opened doors and I coulda made a kitty door but I got high
I put the cat in a bong now I’m being ass raped in jail and I know why
– cause I got high [repeat 3X]

@Serolf Divad: Works for some people too, I’m told.
I’d like to personally waterboard this jerk, but you know how I am about teh kittehz.

Poor thing. My cat would have taken my hand off.

I told my dog about that poor cat and he nearly cried in his beer.

i have 50 different ways to smoke the holy weed, none involve animals.
i’d love to go PETA on this moron’s ass.
i couldn’t even bear to read the story.

btw, you can buy hookahs, bongs and rolling papers in every store in jerusalem. meeting my latest dealer for lunch today. jerusalem is on top of a mountain, and it’s very high indeed.

i’m so jumpy waiting for my cats and dogs, and fearful of the handlers caring for them during their journey, i did NOT need this first thing. where’s my bong……..

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