Trust Fund NeoNazi Was Readying Nuke to Lay Waste to An America Gone Red

Nuke Laboratory in Belfast Maine

Neonazi Nuke Laboratory in Belfast, Maine

James Cummings, a conservative-values voter and trust fund neonazi was wasted by his wife on December 9, apparently before he assembled a dirty nuke to begin his personal campaign to take back America from the communist takeover in November, disappointing but not dissuading the psychoconservative right that is bent on either restoring the theocratic dystopia the founding fathers intended or laying the nation to waste.

Cummings, apparently an abusive Hitler-loving conservative enjoyed tearing into his cowering wife, Amber, often while wearing a cowboy hat and a nifty, goth trench coat. Amber, not so keen on Republican politics and homelife conventions, got the fucking gun and blew Cummings the fuck away before she and her 9-year old daughter would have to spend enough Christmas with him. When the local cops got into the building, they found this conservative hero had stored enough radioactive materials to build a dirty bomb [Pg 11].

The Bangor Daily News Reported this week: “(f)our 1-gallon containers of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide, uranium, thorium, lithium metal, thermite, aluminum powder, beryllium, boron, black iron oxide and magnesium ribbon were found in the home. Also found was literature on how to build “dirty bombs” and information about cesium-137, strontium-90 and cobalt-60, radioactive materials.”

Meanwhile, the psychoconservative right that inspired Cummings apocalyptic activism continued to do their part for America, whipping psychopaths like Cummings into foaming fury.

GOP sex tourist, morbid drug addict and hatecasting fascism popularizer Rush Limbaugh  has been whipping the Adkisson Brigades into seething frenzies with prayers that the Obama Administration fail and America descend into catastrophe, the only reasonable outcome for a country that failed to vote for Limbaugh’s candidate, the Talibunny’s escort.

US Representative  Pete Sessions of Texas announced this month that the GOP’s model of political engagement during the Obama Administration would be the Taliban, the militant cult that transformed Afghanistan after the Soviety withdrawal into a theocratic dystopia that may well be irreperably damaged.  

Failed stand-up comic and personality disorder victim Anne Coulter meanwhile is working full-time to rehabilitate neonazis as old-fashioned conservatives so they can embrace Repulicans without stigma to the party, finally fusing the hillbilly psychoconservative party with fullbore genocidal maniacs, a natural conclusion of a grim progression since 1994.

Though the GOP may mourn the passing of one of their front-line nuclear ordnance officers, the party faithful are working hard at inspiring others to replace Cummings in the twilight struggle between the Party and the country they’re determined to reduce to either a pre-Enlightenment feudal colony of the military-industrial complex or a depopulated wasteland.


He must have been a secret ghey-lesbian-abortionist infiltrator working on a plot to discredit the GOP.

Everyone knows the GOP hates nukes and the use of physical force.

( I wonder if she gut shot him and watched him die slow? )

Yup, a dirty bomb is the sign of rationale political discourse.

Budweiser Taliban indeed.

This guy obs isnt a terrorist. There was no undercover FBI agent providing thermite and uranium, no FBI agent suggesting he scope out a army base while delivering pizza. It’s not like he drove Osama to his dialysis appointments or anything.

Guys like him give gun nuts a bad name. Cool that the wife took him out. Here comes the Lifetime movie.

@redmanlaw: Holly Hunter and Nick Nolte.

However, is it even possible that he could have done any real harm with this stuff?

@Benedick: Comeback vehicle for trout pout Meg Ryan, with very special guest Paul Gaimatti and his bug eyes as the Nozzie. A live teleplay in black and white.

Hehehehe. You really think this Lifetime fodder? What is the uplifting message in this story?

@redmanlaw: Here comes the Lifetime movie.

@Benedick: Oh, the whole point of a dirty bomb is fear, not actual damage, the day a bomb goes off and the authorities detect radiation, you will see an insane over-reaction of epic proportions, even though the actual danger and damage will be laughable. We have already prosecuted one “terrorist,” hell, not just prosecuted, locked in a navy brig for 6 years without trial, an arab guy, just because his computer showed that he had looked at websites showing how to build a dirty bomb, far less than this guy did, he actually assembled materials, not to mention he loved to eat using nazi silverware.

@smapdi: Thank you, you point out a sad truth, almost all of our touted succesful “terror prosecutions” have been ridiculous examples of entrapment. My favorite is the guy that had FBI agents come to him and offer to sell surface to air missiles, and other FBI agents come to him and say they wanted to buy surface to air missiles.

You are new, but you are good, hang around.

@Benedick: Depleted uranium is nasty stuff once vaporised when it can be inhaled. It’s a common anti-tank shell, and the armoured personnel carriers often have depleted uranium bullets in their machine guns.

There’s much conjecture about depleted uranium ordinance and the long term health of those that return to live in what were battlefields. So setting off a dirty bomb with depleted uranium in it can have long term consequences.

DU was one of the causes for the first Gulf War Syndrome that the Pentagon didn’t want to acknowledge.

@CheapBoy, @ManchuCandidate: Depleted uranium is one of the most monstrous abominations our defense-industrial-complex has ever shat out its ass (see also: cluster bombs). Whoever came up with that idea should be prosecuted for war crimes, waterboarded, stretched on the rack, whipped until bleeding, and then have DU rubbed into their wounds.

There are hundreds of reports of cancer-clusters and disfigured Iraqi babies, not to mention wherever the fuck else it’s been used (Gaza? Lebanaon?). Truly a testament to pure evil on the part of the warmongers and profiteers that give capitalism its well-deserved reputation.

I truly wish US America didn’t have veto power on the UN Security Council.

And I expect all of you to hold your breath with me until President Hopey bans depleted uranium and cluster bombs and signs the landmine treaty.

Or really, any of the above.

@FCS: Perhaps my favorite part of the story is this:

“There are some red-necky sorts of skinheady people,” he said. “I don’t think they read enough to be neo-Nazis.”

How naive. As we all know, the homeschooled children of Mendocino (or “North Bohemian Grove”)–(those who aren’t the progeny of Montessori-leaning hippies, which are certainly plentiful up there) learn to read by sounding out the phonemes contained in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

it will more likely be an episode of “snapped”
love that show. women who kill (usually, guess who)

the play ! the PLAY ! how did it go??????????

@baked: He’ll be too modest to say, but it was fucking brilliant!! I got to see it last night, and have rarely if ever enjoyed an evening of theatre more. I laughed and laughed and laughed, but I cried too. Hysterically funny, very touching, and thought-provoking. Much harder to make a really meaningful statement about Life while making people laugh than by writing an enormously depressing drama. I am awestruck.

@Pedonator: I was probably exposed to DU while working in Kosovo just after the Nato shenanigans in 99. When I took up work in the northwest part of the province, the military hospital was literally a bomb crater, and there was a Yugo in a tree. Yes, a Yugo in a tree.

Although we were assured that “if” DU tipped bombs had been used there was no risk, I saved all the documentation I could get from that time for when I start to dissolve in front of my loved ones.

@Mistress Cynica:
oh i’m so happy to hear that cyn. i feel so out of it, i’m practically a day ahead. i am thrilled for stephen, and will catch it somewhere soon.
just posted in the sandbox, soo sleepy, going to bed. til the morrow xo.

@Pedonator: It sounded like the guy’s family was from the boarding-school class, actually.

Just to clear up a few things, Jim was a sick man, promised her the world, acted like a gentleman, then he took Amber from us, for 10 years we wondered how she was, if she was ok, where she might be. Until we got the call informing us Jim had been shot. One might think “OMG, what happened, I cant believe it”, but that thought never crossed our minds, We were thankful to finally know Amber and her daughter were alive and okay. Never in my worst nightmare could I have imagined what Jim was capable of. He was evil, pure evil. I couldnt believe it unti I seen it for myself. Amber was never ok with Jims sick ways, but feared for her life and that of her daughters, until she was running out of time,
I hope that there will be justice in this case and Amber will be released, and found not guilty of Murder, only self defence, of her daughter, herself, and possible many others.
I do wonder if she had called the cops and they showed up and shot him, then found his cache, would they be heros? All this while my precious Amber sits in Jail, I just dont understand.

@shamrock: I am sure the jury will burst into applause when Amber tells her story and acquit her.

@Mistress Cynica: Thing is, you never know when you throw one of these in front of a jury. I have two friends that I highly respect, one a former state police officer, commander and administrator; the other an appellate public defense whose position is supported by a nationally recognized expert on use of deadly force, who disagree on the outcome of case involving a police shooting of a suspect even where there was a dash cam recording the scene.

The officer was convicted of the shooting of the suspect, who was restrained, which my buddy with the law enforcement background agrees with. The expert has written about this case, in which he testified for the defense, as a miscarriage of justice.

@CheapBoy: I am hoping she did and dictated back to him every vile humiliation he hurled at her before sticking the gun in his balls and emptying the magazine and stopping to take a long, satisfying shit on his face while singing, “America, the Beautiful.”

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