Thought I’d forgotten, didn’t you?

Unlike Senator Vitter, she doesn’t lie every time she opens her mouth.  The people of Louisiana will appreciate that.

Photo after the jump (to pacify you-know-who).

Mann Village Theatre

I think Stinque should help Stormy fundraise once she announces. As for me, I will continue my campaign to make David Vitter look like a Bible-thumping, whore-humping assclown. It’s the least I can do.


I just hope Barry has learned his lesson after the Judge Dred fiasco (Judge Reinhold? Whoever the eff that GOP Commerce nominee douchebag is) that the Repubs are hellbent on taking this sucker down, to borrow a phrase.

It will be difficult since he’s a DC Demoncrat, but he needs to test drive his newly found ‘nads and bust up the Retardicans somethin’ good.

Three Republicans in all of Congress voted for the Stimulus, Barry. THREE! T-H-R-E-E.

Faster Unicorn! Kill! Kill!

Based on the cabinet nominees so far, the only people Barry seems truly terrified of are progressives.

@Original Andrew: Yeah but whats interesting is that as the republicans opposed the stimulus, public opinion for it improved. I think he may be playing a “look, Limbaugh and and crazy republicans are against it, you saw where they got us” ploy, and it works.

@Original Andrew: Maybe the plan is to keep nominating “Middle-of-the-road Democrats” until people figure out most of them operate exactly like Republicans when it comes to tiny details like taking bribes and skipping taxes and basically acting like the laws of the land don’t apply. Suddenly the progressive candidates on the party fringes become a lot more palatable.

She really is pretty for someone who fucks on camera for a living.

@Promnight: Ever see Desiree Cousteau? (LINK NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY.) She was gorgeous.

@blogenfreude: There is an unknown amatuer whose gifted photographer posts beautiful, artistic nudes of, who is simply the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, but I will never find a pic, I am sure.

This is a bad one, a very bad one, look at the facial structure, the hair, the eyes, even closed. Especially closed.

This is better:

Face in profile is like an egyptian frieze profile, except those were supposed to be idealized features, noone is supposed to have them.

@Promnight: Wow. She’s perfection. She’s got all the elements that prompted me to ask a particular college freshman to my senior prom. Granted, my date didn’t look like that, but she had that curly-haired something ….

Don’t tell my wife, but I fall into some kind of love with beauty wherever I see it, I fall madly in love with random strangers daily. They make me smile and I walk on happier. This woman, I first saw a picture of her it must be 10 years ago, the photography was incredible, close-up of her face and that amazing inscrutable smile, and her eyes are huge, and that curly hair, back then her pics were much more tasteful, these things I found, seem to indicate she has aimed lower.

But there are women around us every day in life with incredible beauty, your post brought her to mind because she is as anonymous as anyone, she is noone, but I remembered, from 10 years ago.

@Promnight: @blogenfreude: Don’t want to sound harsh, but:
I’m getting tired of this softcore T&A stuff.
Oh, and Bloggie? Lose the Jets helmet. It’s embarrassing, like seeing someone in a Members Only jacket. Weeb Ewbank is dead. Joe Namath left the team in 1976. There will never be another reason to care about the Jets.

@Promnight: Don’t tell my girlfriend, but I do the same thing. As an ex used to tell me: “you can read the menu, but you can’t order.” So be it.

@Ewalda: Hey, my links weren’t about titilation, you perve, they were about beauty, and art, and life, and love, and the lies perpetrated by star-worship and our pedophilic public ideal of feminine beauty.

You know I am kidding, right? Sorta, anyway?

@Promnight: You’re right. I’m wrong. I’m bored. Good night.

@Ewalda: Obviously you don’t listen to ESPN radio – the Jets are a WIN NOW TEAM. I have to believe.

@Ewalda: Oh, its hard to be understood in mere words on a page, I hope you know I never think I am right and anyone else is wrong, right? You’re no different from me, I keed, I keed.

Man, I missed everything above while putting together school valentines and watching 30 Rock and Walking With Dinosaurs/Dawn of the Dinosaurs while Mrs RML snagged mi computadora.

/dino geek. Anyone see my cool Pennsylvanian era fossil on my FB profile?

Mrs RML lucked out big time by getting half of my way too big martini after her medicinal toddy. I guess I gotta hack away at a memo on the Federal Torts Claims Act until bed time. That legislative hearing I was at? Sat on my ass for 1.5 hr and then they tabled my bill. I did get to hang with our lobbyist, whom I helped in two congressional campaigns. He would have been a good member of congress but evil Rep Heather Wilson had a death grip on that seat until she tried to move up after her patron Pete Domenici retired from the Senate. Now Domenici has been subpoenaed in the US Attorney thing. My guy will announce for Albuquerque next week.

Judges are appointed by a judicial selection commission that forwards recommendations to the gov, who can either make a pick or, as a matter of Richardson’s practice, remand to the commission for a more diverse pool of candidates. He’s big on appointing more women to the bench. incl. at least one lesbainian I know. We have tons on Hispanics on the bench, including a recent female chief justice and our current chief justice. After they’re appointed, judges run for retention and must get something weird like 57 percent or so of the vote.

Re: above – my guy will announce for mayor of Albuquerque next week.

@redmanlaw: Any New Mexican porn stars handy? You should run ’em against any Republicans you want to get rid of … I think this formula has promise. Call me crazy … go ahead – do it!


what’s going on with the corruption investigation into Beeeel R?

@SanFranLefty: It’s gettin time to fish or cut bait and it could be that the freds actually got nothing on the Big Guy.

@blogenfreude: googling . . .people from new mexico . . . Neil Patrick Harris . . . Brian Urlacher . . .Geronimo . . .Xhibit . . . mmmm . . .

@redmanlaw: This is a good cause – and the people of your state just might be ready for a Stormy-type representative. Surely they have a sense of humor.

@blogenfreude: Actually, you may have seen that Val Kilmer has been showing up in the media expressing an interest in running for governor here. The People are not amused.

@redmanlaw: Dude, Neil Patrick Harris should totally run, that guy is awesome. Urlacher is stupid hot, but I don’t think I’d vote for him.

Okay, I’m so fucking sick of the tatas, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and boobiez if you can get Stormy on here for an interview. You, Chainsaw, and Homofascist (for some controlling gay man influence) could interview her for consideration for the first ever official Stinque endorsement. And the girls on this here blog are entitled to supply you boyz with some serious questions. That might get me, flippin, MellBell, JNOV and MissRome back on the Stormy Express.

Just an idea.

@SanFranLefty: Excellent, darling! The only addendum I have is opening the question pool to the other gay men in our midst, as they’ll need wooing back on the Stormy Express too. Also, I’m curious what Wonk Refugee makes of this plastic creature: desirable, repulsive, somewhere in between?

I’m with Blog on this, but not for the glaringly obvious reasons you filthy people think. We’re talking politics here, folks…the chance to unseat Vitter through the election of a real life pronstar.

Sure, I like marvelling at her bounty but she ain’t really that “pretty” except in the context of her industry. One of the earlier posts included a link to an interview she did with E! or somesuch, and she is not really camera friendly. Well, at least face+brains are not camera friendly.

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