Come Back, Megan, All is Forgiven

We know American commercials suck, but it takes an exquisite advert from overseas to demonstrate just how much. Today’s example hails from the land of Oz, where men are men, women are women, and beavers are cuddly.

No beavers, boobs or bonking: What we hate in ads [Sydney Morning Herald, via CheapBoy]

On the poll, I believe you mean “Iggles.” (I voted for the Cardinals, but only because that’s UofL’s mascot, too.)

p.s. Access to the site is just fine at work. We’ll see what happens when I get home tonight.

From the article:

“The ad [with the lady and her fun beaver] drew 185 of the 2350 complaints received by the [Oz] advertising watchdog last year.”

Shit. If you extrapolated for population (Oz = 1/15 U.S. America), then 2,775 U.S. Americans would have complained about that ad. Which means that nobody would have rolled out of bed and even thought about writing a first draft of that article here.

We forget that it is summer down there. I’m calling this one a “slow news day thing” and leaving it at that.

Geez. At least the Oz put some thought into their ads. I SO want to torch the morans who brought us eHarmony and GoDaddy commercials.

I’m tired, I had a lousy workout, and it took me until the end of the commercial to figure out what it’s a commercial for.

They could show a beaver, but noone ever spoke the word “beaver.” Interesting. “Beaver.” He he. Breakfast of Champions.

i thought the idea for the ad and the resulting commercial is

Probably belongs to Stinque The Inauguration.

I’ve put in for time from Jan 19 to Jan 22 (should be okay, right?)

DEVELOPING HARD: First Kitteh is dead.

Cat’s name was India. Emphasis on was because — this is the Bush administration, remember — because

the cat’s name was changed to Willie in 2001 after Hindu nationalists said the original moniker was an insult — and urged followers to call their dogs “George Bush.”

Changing the cat’s name after ten years? No wonder we didn’t see much of him — I’d be pissed off too if somebody changed my name halfway into my life.

[In light of the sad news: despite the obviousness of it, no “Kunta Kitteh” jokes plz kthx.]

@chicago bureau: i’d mourn but I had no idea they even had a cat.

Jamie Sommers: This was the first I heard of it too. Maybe he clawed at Dubya every time he began to talk about the War on Terra, as a form of protest, and created the impression that the cat would make for Bad TV.

If so: well done, our noble and faithful servant — scratching posts and mice from here to eternity.

@chicago bureau: I think Kitty knew too much. She was ready to spill to “Cat Fancy”.

Sociopaths kick their pets when noone is looking. If you have one over as a guest, they’ll kick yours, too, just because they can.

@Jamie Sommers: I felt a twinge of sadness upon reading the headline, which quickly went away when I realized that they weren’t talking about Socks.

@chicago bureau: If heroically-unknown Bush cat was bad TV, that’s really saying something considering there’s video footage of Barney attacking a photog and they still made uber-cheesy holiday videos with him every year.

@mellbell: Oh, and before anyone sics ASPCA on me, I know that makes me a bad person.

Possibly Bush had been smoking the catnip. That would explain a lot.

@flippin eck: Given that the only photo CNN was able scrounge up was of the cat’s carrier, I’m guessing that little India was quite the spitfire, St Francis rest her soul. She probably liked to sample Laura’s glass of scotch when the two of them curled up with a book, a bottle, and a pack of Camels.

@mellbell: Access to the site is just fine at work. We’ll see what happens when I get home tonight.

This might be voodoo, but try restarting your computer as well if you’re still getting the “We’ve moved, suckers!” page.

Somewhere along the Tubez, something didn’t get the message about which server the site address points to. Computers and routers are supposed to double-check the master record every so often, but the Internet is an anarchic place and not everyone follows the rules.

@Mistress Cynica: Obviously, the graphics dept. at CNN is still hung over from the holiday–it took me two seconds with google to find her official pic and bio on
FSM rest her furry soul.

BTW, one of my resolutions for 09 is to bother to learn (and remember) how to embed a link. It’s gonna happen, really.

[ Barney moved to a new post. Watch the tail and repeat after me… ]

@flippin eck: Jesus H. on a Popsicle Stick, it’s not that hard if I can do it.

See the instructions above the text box with the bracket followed by a href, blah blah blah? Try doing it. Hit preview. You’ll need two or three tries but you’ll figure it out.

So say you want to hide the New York Times URL behind the text that say “MoDo has another craaaaazzy article”

you would type
the less than sign (aka alligator mouth facing to the right)
followed by…

a href=”www.nytimes”

followed by the greater than sign (aka alligator mouth facing to the left)

and then you would type whatever text you wanted it to say (i.e. “MoDo has another crazy article” minus the quote marks)

and then close it out with

less than symbol (alligator mouth to the right)
a slash and an a
and a greater than symbol (alligator mouth to the left)

I’m saying “alligator mouth” because the less than and more than signs don’t otherwise show up if I type them.

Have you checked out Megan’s “chaos” blog recently? I don’t think she’s coming back. More’s the pity.

@Ewalda: Oh, she’s pissed. At me. It’s fascinating being on the receiving end of her self-righteousness.

@nojo: @Ewalda: I was offended by the way she turned on nojo and the stinquers, but I feel bad for the girl. Sounds like her life is truly crappy right now.

@Ewalda: Is it?

@nojo: She’s provincial. A small town girl who can’t see beyond the smoke stacks.

@Mistress Cynica: We all go through such periods: we don’t all act out on others.

If you’re lurking, Megan… I wish you long life. Very far away.

@SanFranLefty: Erm, that actually was me being nice. I’m not known for my people skills.

Yes, and I’m being grand.

I always thought she was very second-rate. Did not deserve us. Look at the professional skills of the regular posters here and she’s entirely outclassed. Yet still she behaves as if we’re to be impressed by her marginal talents. As if.

Nojo on the other hand can come and rub my back whenever he wants. Srsly.

@Benedick: No one condescends like a Brit. I bow to the master.

@Benedick: No need to belittle her — I certainly enjoyed her writing, else I wouldn’t have followed HFA hither and yon. But Schism II had to happen, whatever the consequences.

nojo: for whatever it’s worth, no love at work — I can see the real server fine from home, but something at work needs some DNSlax.

@IanJ: It’s always something — but I’ve moved websites before, and this is the first DNS hassle I’ve encountered.

Civilians, cover your eyes: I did add an explicit A record for “www” today, instead of relying on the “*” wildcard. Maybe that’ll jar the DNS stool loose.

It’s always sad to see a split, but it did need to happen or we would have all drifted away like dust in the wind.

If Mommy 1.0 is taking it out on us, well, that is too damned bad. I kinda gathered we weren’t really on her radar once she landed some well deserved gigs.

Finally, Happy Schism Day + 1, everyone. Jan 4/08 is when the revolt happened.

@nojo: It’s so hot when you take the high road.

@nojo: a schism would imply the division of a larger group into two smaller groups. I think when the aftermath involves a large, happy and thriving group on the one hand, and 3 pompous and bitter dump-ees and their visitorless blog with tumbleweeds rolling down its empty metaphorical streets, on the other, that its really too kind to call it a schism.

@Prommie: And Prommie’s Episcopalian, so he knows from schisms.

@Mistress Cynica: Schism is, as all good Episcopalians know, worse than heresy.

@Mistress Cynica: BTW, did you see, the California Supreme Court just told some of those homophobic schismatics what for, vis a vis who owns the Bricks and Mortar. There is a reason its called “Episcopalian.”

@Prommie: hahahahaha. Nothing hurts an Episcopalian more than losing prime real estate. Eternal damnation pales in comparison.

@Prommie: @Mistress Cynica: That gives a whole new meaning to the expression: you can’t take it with you.

@Prommie: That’s good news. Let’s hope it spreads to Virginia.

@Mistress Cynica: When I was Senior Warden and the Gay Bishop was consecrated, and I observed the reactions of the gay bishop-phobes, I was amused, sadly, to see that it appeared some of them were appalled at the idea that they would be seen by others, at work, in the community, as people who go to “that gay church.”

The muleish dimwitted anger and hate of those people, and the enormous amounts of ill-will, frustration, and idiocy they created and set loose, almost gave me a nervous breakdown and I had to resign for my health. I do not have fueds, conflicts, or active hatreds in my life. I could not deal with these people and their constant scheming sniping lying nasty ass-holery. They were dumbfucks, they were not clever, but when they had an idea, it stayed with them, their relentlessness wore me down.

These people were all the sycophants of the prior priest, who was a raging anti-abortion low church monster, he left to move to the Orlando Diocese, one of the schismatics now. When the Episcopal church ordained the first female priests, this priest went around town and tore down all the “The Episcopal Church Welcomes You” signs that were posted on all the roads at the boundary of the town. Yes, he was that nutty.

@Prommie: As a regular attender of a church that’s very gay-friendly, I’m torn about this ruling. On one hand, I’m glad that there’s some penalties for petulant, intolerant churches that just want to take their toys and go home. But on the other hand, it’s a little like how I feel about the south: just let them go if they want–we’re better off without them.

@SanFranLefty: Ouch! WAY worse than eternal damnation.
@Prommie: The Episcopal Cathedral in Oklahoma City is very gay-friendly, and this reputation has attracted a number of gay Catholics, and Episcopalians from less tolerant churches. It had the best flowers, music, choir, and food in town, bar none.
@flippin eck: I’m all for letting those who want to leave just go, but not with church property. Go meet in some sad little store front.

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