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So: a judge (a) told the feds to release from Gitmo five people who did nothing wrong and — in a move I have never seen before — (b) told the government not to appeal because seven years without trial is enough. WaPo on same:

Leon said the government did not provide enough credible and reliable evidence during a series of closed hearings to justify the detentions of the five Algerians… He said the allegations were provided by a single source in an intelligence document. The government did not provide enough information about the source to determine whether he or she was credible or reliable, Leon ruled.

Which of course means that they are terrorists who must be stopped, according to (yeah) the National Review:

The government is considering its appellate options. Meanwhile, one can only hope that either Algeria or some other country is willing to take these guys. Otherwise, we are in the same fix presented by the Uighur case (which will be argued on appeal next week): facing the prospect of jihadists being released into the United States.

Jesus H. Christ: the guy with the robe said that there was no evidence of these guys being “jihadists.” Listen. You might learn something.


Single source, you say?

Psst… About Jonah…

Holy crap they’re probably jihadists now, seven plus years of Bushco made me feel all stabby, and nobody was unlawfully imprisoning me.

From Salon: Judge Leon is a Bush-43 appointed Judge known as a right-wing ideologue and known for ruling in favor of the Government and for expansive executive power. He was Deputy Chief counsel for the Republicans on the Iran-Contra Committee in 1987, was Special Counsel to the Senate Banking Committee for the Whitewater investigation, and worked for both the Reagan and Bush 41 Justice Departments. That Judge Leon — of all judges — ruled that there was no credible evidence to suggest that these detainees are “enemy combatants” is as compelling a sign as one can imagine that there is no such evidence.

@Dodgerblue: Which is exactly why the decision will be appealed – the government will hope for a panel with Sentelle or Silbermann or some other Reagan-era whackjob.

OMG: Per MSNBC, Palin pardons turkey, gives presser while turkeys are killed over her left shoulder. Wow.

@chicago bureau: I saw that! I applaud that cameraman for not falling down laughing while filming that. Also, GOP, are you missing a Burberry scarf? I think Sarah still has it.

Seven Years. Think about that. Where were you seven years ago? What were you doing? Think of all the things that happened during that time…love, babies, puppies, marriages, funerals, good meals, good movies, friends….

These guys missed all that- accused formally of nothing, at best mocked and ill-treated, at worst tortured and humiliated- for seven. Fucking.YEARS.

I am ashamed of my country for that.

Closing down Gitmo is not enough, Black Eagle. Put enough safety scrub around it and torch the motherfucker to the ground.

Another bit to piss everyone off tonight: the Senate gave a convicted felon a standing ovation. A man who abused his power in office and was bribed got a fucking round of applause.

Duke Cunningham feels like he got left out of the lovefest.

Let them all go down the series of fucking tubes.

@Signal to Noise: But there was the fabulous moment when Larry Craig waxed on about how cool it is that Ted has his own airport.

@chicago bureau: I could’ve done without the hour-long buildup and the actual turkey pardon portion of the segment, but the interview itself was solid gold.

@Signal to Noise: Well, there is maybe something of value in the Senate’s traditions of collegiality, like, maybe, its what makes the senate in some small way able to actually do marginally bipartisan things? Sometimes? And it don’t cost nothing to be gracious, long as you know he’s going.

@chicago bureau: Here’s the segment. This woman is so oblivious to everything that you wonder how she’s avoided accidental death ten times over:


Maybe for Christmas she can manage to squeeze in a press conference in one of the torture rooms at Gitmo before President Obama has it turned into a parking lot. I suspect the fun-loving Gov. Palin would have fit right in with Lynndie England and those jokers at Abu Ghraib.

@Dave H: She’s a fucking mynah bird, with a big vocabulary, she just spouts a torrent of words that are just sounds to her. Jeezus christ on a fucking bicycle, the adoration of her by the mouth-breathers is gonna make my head explode. I am seeing tons of fucking “Palin Power” bumper stickers now, how the fuck can someone who admires this fuckstick possibly pass a drivers test and succesfully operate a car?

@Promnight: I’m waiting for the full size Palin love doll.

@Dodgerblue: I’d buy one, and what I would do to it would not be pretty.

@chicago bureau: I saw. I couldn’t understand why anyone thought it was news. So, she comes from a state in which people understand how their meat is processed? OK. It’s not her fault she is from a culture that understand where meat comes from. In fact, in a broadcast context in which the assumed audience is Alaskans, it was sensible for her to use the bleeding of turkeys as a back drop.

@Dave H: I went looking for that a couple hours ago…

But here’s the problem: MSNBC’s version is censored. Not-Keith builds it up for the entire show, and when we finally get to it, they smudge out the best parts. Although I think she said “chopping block” at some delicious moment.

Still, if I were an editorial cartoonist, I’d be placing my order to FTD right now.

My miracle tomato has set a second little tomato, its a sign from God, I think.

@nojo: The uncensored version is up over at HuffPo.

@redmanlaw: Your reward awaits you in Stinque Heaven.

@Promnight: there is gracious and there is tone-deaf. That was purely tone-deaf.

Collegiality is fine, but shouldn’t that sort of tact go out the window when someone is convicted of abusing their office?

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