The Hillbots Are Alive!

Can’t find anything online, but NBC’s Andrea Mitchell is quoting two sources saying Hillary’s going to State. (Okay, she’s a “viable candidate.” Remember, balloons float with helium or hot air.)


I totally don’t get that…you don’t mean…Secretary of State do you?

My god, Limbaugh will shit himself.

Oh sure, so like a man to make the woman Secretary.

ADD: I just got done watching Matthews plump up Kerry for State, but the thought of Limbaugh and Hannity esplodin makes me all warm inside.

@chicago bureau: What happens to my favorite New Mexican bear now?

rptrcub: 2:1 against on the beard coming back. Otherwise? I dunno.

Does the Hilsbot have enough foreign experience? Seriously. What about the Tuzla mess?

I don’t like Bill Richardson (see his involvement in the Lee Wen Ho affair–sorry RML) but I think he’s more qualified than the Hils for State. I can see her getting Justice or Interior, not State.


Who cares if she has enough experience? Suck it, Neo-Cons! Whine about the apocalypse, all you christo-facist bastards! There’s a new goddamn sheriff in town and he’s putting a Clinton back in the White House!


Sorry about that, Manchu, but it would just feel so gooooooddddd….

@chicago bureau: I has a Sad now.

@ManchuCandidate: SCOTUS or anywhere in the cabinet is fine with me.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again:
No apologies. We’re not a Stalinist collective…or are we?

/TJ/Also, I’m hating Zell Miller even more now, as PG visits the Peach State.

@rptrcub: I think she would be crazy to leave the Senate for anything less than SCOTUS.

@rptrcub: Remember your Dante? The 9th and worst circle of hell is reserved for traitors.

So now we know the dirty deal that was done pre-convention, to get her to call off the floor fight.

Clintons, ah shit.

Hillary is alright, evil, but alright, but really, getting her approved even with a 60 seat majority is gonna use up capital, tarnish the “change” image seriously.

Was Rahm part of the deal too? How scared was he, how ugly did the Clintons get to make this happen?

Clintons make me stabby. They had their 8 years. They made a hash of it, governed like republicans, yet were still villified and Bill was eventually taken down by a republican prosecutorial coup. What a great, strategic, machiavellian bargain they made, give up everything, then get fucked anyway.

Like I said, its just a matter of, they had their chance. Go away, Clintons, everyone on earth is sick of you.

Fer chrissakes!
I’m still trying to get some company to hire me
so I can start smoking this golfball-sized hunk of sticky hash I’ve been holding for the past 2+months!
Folks, if you’re in your late 50’s, you cant hide it, and no one will hire you. The bastards.

I got nothin to add to the conversation. I’m just bitter tonight.
Bye for now, folks, be well.

@Ewalda: Ewalda, man, I know, its why I am getting scared about my middle-agedness. I know one thing, I have not yet found my life’s work, something I can believe in. And I am afraid its gonna be impossible to start out in anything at 50.

Ewalda, if my dreams come true, and I can ever hire you, I will. I don’t care how old you are.

@Ewalda: Glad to hear from you, even if there’s no good news. We just found out today that Mr Cyn’s winery harvest job will end next Friday, so we’ll be living high on the hog on the $300 a month left from my salary after we pay the mortgage. I’m sure he’d be glad to come down and smoke the hash with you.

@Mistress Cynica: Aaaghhh, Cynica, all this bad news, I am tre sad. I am afraid for my and Mrs. Prom’s jobs, the economy sucking so deeply. Hang in there. Damn, it does suck.

Networking for survival will become necessary, I think. People are gonna have to join together in small communal situations, it would work.

I have gone back and looked at the houses I grew up in, tiny houses, 1500 square feet, and 6 kids. We are really spoiled, we gonna have to team up if this recession is that bad, houses have gotten big enough now for more than one family. Its how the immigrants live here, work landscaping jobs, and send enough home to support extended families.

I am already thinking, if things get that bad, serious un- and under-employment, I would want to find a like minded couple and share housing costs.

I am seriously thinking this is a depression coming, and considering every possible strategy for surviving it. I got 6 bedrooms in this house.

Bill Ayers for Secretary of Defense!


So, the gossip spin is that Barry has to give it to her now, or he’ll risking insulting her twice.

Unless, of course, he asked her what she’d like, and she said “anything but State.” In which case she turns him down, end of story, and she’s stuck in the Senate forever.

Or, less deviously: She wants to be in the Senate, and he’s floating her name as an air kiss.

Or it’s all bullshit. I’m ignoring Fantasy Cabinet League for the most part.

@nojo: Send her to the Office of Faith Based Initiatives with all the fucking psychopaths and gangsters. Time for the party to take a nice, bowel-shaking dump on the Clinton’s faces.

Buck Dharma for Chairman of the National Council of the Humanities.

@Promnight: Six fucking bedrooms? Shit, I was worried about finding housing for the Stinque Inaugural Party in DC – how many hours is it from your house in Jersey to the Mall of January Unicorn Hope? You and Mrs. Prom could make shit so much more simplified if it’s a quick drive…

@Ewalda: Honey!!! I’ve missed you! Will you please email me IRL so that I can try to hook you up with some of my computer nerd friends here? If nothing else get in touch w/ me b/c Lyndon LaDouche is coming to The City with his Broadway show, and you and Mrs. Ewalada need to join us for some cult-cha.

@Mistress Cynica: Fuckity fuck re: Mr. Cyn’s situation. I may have a lead in your neck of the woods.

Oh and re: Hillbot. I agree with Cynica – she’d be dumb to give up her shot at SCOTUS for Secty of State, but since she failed the DC bar her first time, SCOTUS might not be the best indicator for her future. (then again another SCOTUS contender/ dean of a prominent CA law school failed the CA bar exam on her first time – though I think CA is a LITTLE bit harder than the DC bar).

Hillbot should stay in the Senate and topple Harry Reid in 6 months and become majority leader.

@chicago bureau: One of Mrs RML’s spies overheard some cats from CQ or The Hill some such outfit having coffee in Our Nation’s Capitol saying with all certainty earlier this week that BR was a lock for State. Regardless of where he ends up (and he would suck and be unhappy with Interior cos it’s just a bigger version of New Mexico – Indians, oil guys, ranchers and sagebrush with some parks thrown in.) Everyone here is already planning on a transition soon. People are asking around about who’s tight with the incoming crew and looking ahead to the runup for the 2010 gubernatorial if BR’s successor bleeds even a little into the water. A former patron will become gov if/when BR leaves.

Someone was pointing out that the campaign didn’t leak but that the transition is. I also saw an article on there being a lot of disinformation going out.

@Mistress Cynica, Hashwalda: I’m real sorry about the job front. I don’t know what else to say. The drum beat gets louder.

@Promnight: Hell, Casa RML is only 1500 sq ft, but there’s only three of us. It’s a 3 br w/home office, so we could do more if we had to. I expect that my mother in law will move in with us eventually, although she only lives a couple of minutes away.

@FlyingChainSaw: John Trudell for head of the National Museum of the American Indian. Get ready for the truth!

prommie, what you describe (and you’ve described it before in greater detail) is a KIBBUTZ.
how do you think those early israeli settlers survived?
why that little strip of sand that moron moses settled on (ignoring any sand for 40 years that may have had a little oil under it) is blooming with fruit and vegetables, and exported to the world, having figured out solar desalination and irrigation within 20 years while the arabs are still trying to figure out how to keep their tent flaps secured after 2,000 years.
and don’t even get me started about technology and medicine.
microsoft is headquartered in israel now, to name one.

yes, good things happen when good people put their heads together and pool their resourses.
so when are we moving into prom’s house?

ewalda! didn’t i tell you to stop disappearing on us? i’ve missed you!
we’re all miserable, we are all seeing our savings, jobs, equity go poof.
hang around here, misery loves company, and we love you.

ahhh, mistress…my prayers to FSM did not work! must mean something better is right around the corner. it must. i love you cyn,
we’re all gonna hang in. what’s our choice anyway?

ewalda, how and why are you saving that hash? you have me salivating.
NOW is the time to be smoking it! ..and save me some.

speaking of misery, TWO days to rat! one of our issues is the copious amounts of the weed i inhale. so i am blindingly sober in an effort to appease him. a trade off.
he stops fucking other women, if i stay sober.
i’m still thinking it over.

If he doesn’t give it to Holbrooke he’s an idiot.

Just so we’re all clear, the two sources were Bill and Hillary, right? After the flow chart was leaked yesterday and they saw they were nowhere on it?

@RomeGirl: That’s what I said to the missus last night. As much as I like the “Team of Rivals” meme, I agree with Chainsaw, Prom et. al. that the Clintons need to be kept as far away from Barry’s WH as possible.

@SanFranLefty: We’re 2+ hours by interstate, with plenty of floor space. The commute during that Long Weekend of Hope will be hell, though.

@nabisco: He’s alerady got too many Clinton people on his short lists for my taste. Give them ambassadorships – I’d even take US ambassador to the UN – and leave us all in peace.

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