Just Don’t Make Him the Two-Dollar Bill

Patrick Moberg

How about the $5 Coin? (not yet, but the way inflation will be going it might be a possibility…)

I know the difference. Kennedy was Catholic.

That’s not right?

Okay, Grover Cleveland is on the list twice.


Richard Nixon resigned.

That’s all of my guesses unless you mean that one of them was considered both a person and property under the original Constitution that Ron Paul thinks is so infallible.

@ManchuCandidate: Sure, but Talibunny and the Adkisson Brigades will demand a Jeff Davis $25 coin.

I may need to grow myself a Teddy Roosevelt mustache.

Heh. My kids have presidential placemats we bought them as part of their “aculturation” when we moved back here a few years ago. One side has state flags and all kind of civics trivia. Nabisco Jr. has already placed a cut-out Black Eagle next to the Chimp.

The Ford drawing looks a lot like McCain. Show it to PG in a few years and tell him he really was President. He’ll die happy.
(yes, I’m going to hell).

Get used to it, people. Once you go black, you never go back!

@IanJ: You should – this is MOvember, during which men grow moustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

@RomeGirl: Just as long as I don’t have to grow one of those 70s porn mustaches.

They are rebroadcasting an 2004 interview with Obama after he was elected to the Senate. It is from a show called Chicago Tonight from our local public television station WTTW (yes, I am watching public television at 7:30 on a Friday night).

WTTW – not sure if you will be able to find it.

It is so crazy to think that this interview was just 4 years ago, and that this guy is now president elect.

@homofascist: (yes, I am watching public television at 7:30 on a Friday night)

Please, for the love of Hope ™ and Change (r), and on behalf of all we sooner-to-be-geezer-settled-downs, GO OUT AND HAVE A FRIDAY NIGHT fer chrissakes!

@nabisco: I actually have a tennis match at 10:00 pm tonight. Does that count?

@homofascist: Only if it’s a euphemism of some kind (show me your backhand! And so forth)

@homofascist: I am watching PBS (13HD) and being a total fucking libtard. Here in NYC we hope only for a repaired infrastructure and a few new subway stops.

@homofascist: @nabisco: I’m 27 and watching Talibunny fire back on Larry King (not live). And doing laundry. Saturday’s when I go out. She’s whining, of course.

I just saw the video of Sarah Palin calling some members of the media stinkers today. Is it possible she could be lurking here and the media is just spelling Stinquers incorrectly?.

I am waiting to watch my girlfriend Gwen Ifill on Washington Week.

I just tried to put fallout3 on my computer, but I need a new video card.
I turn 36 on Monday! The party’s next Friday.

Speaking of the 70s porn stache, also known as the “molester stache,” the one Selleck had, it also had a time as a gay thing (hence Selleck sporting it). I hope it isn’t any more.

Its still popular among the trailer-dwellers round here, the ones who would be virulently anti-gay, I always think is amusing as hell, all these redneck fucks looking like 70s gay bears.

@Promnight: Oooooh yeah those things are all over retro porn, even on the most unlikely guys. The only way you should possibly be able to get away with it nowadays is to actually be a motorcycle cop.

@drinkyclown: Will it be a costume party? Will you be wearing your sailor suit? Will you be posting pictures?

@Dodgerblue: Does Washington Week run on Fridays? I’ve been avoiding the chat shows lately, but I was watching Gwen earlier this evening. John Dickerson and Jeff Zelany? Are they always twits? Zelany: Obama looks older now than when I saw him 4 years ago.
Maybe when they quit yapping because Obama hasn’t fulfilled his campaign promises yet.

@Promnight: They’re all over Craigslist M4M across our wonderful Land of Hope (TM) and Glory (Patent Pending).

@drinkyclown: The Gage trilogy, methinks.

@rptrcub: Talibunny Tantrum here at the liberal gotcha elitist eeeelites at the NYT.

@homofascist: Friday night TV: Henry Rollins Uncut from New Orleans. Punk rock + stand up + social justice.

BBC is showing Black Eagle tonight. That’s some good scheduling.

@becominginvisible: Yep, Dickerson and Zelany are regulars. But I don’t mind because I’ve got a Jones for Gwen.

@redmanlaw: SFL will be upset because her Horns depth chart just took a hit. But it figures the guy was a center — the center and guard positions are the last bastions of racism in football.

@redmanlaw: I hadn’t. I’d seen JNOV (I think) make a boycotting UT reference, and I was just wondering what it was about as Mr Cyn has the UT game on.

@Dodgerblue: @Mistress Cynica: I only now understand the UT boycott reference. I’ve been out of the loop drinking in Napa (see photos coming up on the jam).

I plan on getting my gay NDN friend who works for Redford to help on the “Move Sundance back to Hollywood” boycott effort. Fuck ’em in Utah. They don’t want the gheyz, they don’t get Sundance.

@Benedick: Pictures, yes! No costumes probably? but there’s a greenscreen room where we will be making videos.My friend had an idea for a porno reality show, maybe we’ll film that.

“”Are You A Homo?”
During the day, contestants are challenged to not be gay while doing things like decorating houses, watching musicals, criticizing makeup, shopping for clothes and dancing. During elimination rounds, scientists hook up blood-pressure instruments to the penises of self-described “straight men” while homosexuals (who have been pre-determined to be as close as possible to contestant’s “type” based on seemingly inocuous surveys regarding their favorite actors, etc) perform various act on them, and in front of them. Whoever measures the largest increase of penile blood pressure is eliminated. All participants sleep in the same bed every night, naked and covered in baby oil. The bed gets smaller every time there is an elimination to prevent contestants from avoiding contact. For the final round the two surviving contestants suck each other off. The audience texts in their votes on who enjoyed it the least. Whoever did is NOT A HOMO and can go home.

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