The Tom Cruise Ad was Funnier

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But we’ll grant that Cindy is scary. She reminds of the woman in The Thin Blue Line who makes up a shooting she didn’t see just to get the attention. Anyway, since y’all are buzzing about SNL’s QVC opener with Psychogeezer, here it is.


I almost got the impression the Geez was starting to relax, resigned at last that he will not be preznident in this lifetime. He certainly seemed more human here than he did in the debates.

Get me, going all softie at the last minute…

@Pedonator: This is supposedly the “real” Geezer that everyone likes to talk about, the one we last saw eight years ago, the one Jon Stewart likes. But he’s a couple months late for “just kidding.”

I was watching the KO recap special last night, and that had the Cindy clip that made me shudder — maybe the one about their sons going to Iraq. So chilling, she makes Nancy look good. I’m looking forward to Michelle.

@nojo: I never bought into the whole “McCain is decent, for a Republican” meme, even 8 years ago. Politicians are supposed to be personable. He just seemed surprisingly human as a stand-up comic.

The fact that those monsters are able to send their spawn off to Babylon to fight the dying empire’s atrocious wars is enough for anyone to be terrified.

Yes, Michelle will be a breath of fresh air.

I actually laughed out loud at the McCain fine gold joke. Methinks this SNL appearance really was a “sad Grandpa” strategy.

And poor Tina Fey. You can see she really doesn’t wanna play this woman anymore.

We sleep two hours,
but we don’t fear the reaper.
We eat from trees,
and we play minesweeper.

Giraffes!! Giraffes!!

@nojo: When someone can actually make Nancy seem human, that’s saying something. Although if Cindy wasn’t Richie Rich, she’d make a decent Vanna.

Psychogeezer had a much more ambitious speaking part than what SNL gave the Talibunny.

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