Someone Fetch a Fainting Couch

Shorter George F. Will:

“Shocked, shocked I am that my efforts to make selfishness a virtue by labeling it ‘conservatism’ have resulted in self-interested, ignorant Republican candidates who can no longer convince a majority of voters to pull the lever against their own interests.”

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies, perfected by Elton Beard, and expertly deployed at Sadly, No!

I am so looking forward to their Civil War, which breaks out Wednesday. All we’ve seen so far are border skirmishes.

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@blogenfreude: Whoever wrote the program that does that should have called it “Speak of the Devil.”

George Will is living proof that you can use impeccably-turned phrases, make well-formed, skillfully-crafted arguments and still be an ass-stupid neanderthal.

@Prommie: Bravo! I also loved the metaphor in a comment you posted very recently about various Republican rats heading for the lifeboats and finding others already cowering under the tarps.

All I see are ads for US Gubbiment, er, AIG insurance.

@Prommie: I wish there was a program to do libtard shorters … it’s hard work!

Remember, this guy counseled Reagan in a debate against Carter on the sly and then praised him for it in a column afterward.

When the know-nothings line him up against the wall, no one shall shed a tear.

@Signal to Noise: Somewhere in a closet at the Ancestral Homestead there’s a copy of the Harvard Lampoon with a column by George Fwill, showing the writer wearing a medieval helmet.

These days, I look at the mug and I see John Hodgman.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: I think this would be the Twitteration for the day if it were not for the importance of (866) OUR-VOTE (I’m getting Paultardish now with this stuff. Sry.).

@blogenfreude: If I may ask, just what in the hell is a libtard shorter?

@Prommie: I am a libtard, and I write shorters (Shorter John Bolton, Shorter Bobby Short, et seq.)

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