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I’m not sure how I feel about having my genitals anywhere near Chimpy’s mouth, no matter what I might be using them for….

I dunno. His crimes against humanity demand so much more than mere mocking.

A gurney. Straps. A syringe. Potassium chloride. And thou.

@FlyingChainSaw: Its a matter or repitition. Peeing on Bush just once, OK, but daily, several times a day, waking in the night to go and pee on, hell, not on, IN Bush.

Its at least as good as SanFrancisco’s George W. Bush Sewage Treatment Plant. Its kinda the complement to that honor.


BREAKING: The inevitable Zac Efron nude shower-scene photos have arrived.

On the one hand, I guess he’s hot, blah blah. But still.

Has anyone else noticed that he doesn’t really exist… as in there’s nothing really there? Like in a Buffy Season 5 kinda way?

He’s not real–maybe he’s The Key. If so, what does it say about me if I can see through him?

These are the crucial issues that keep us up at night.

I wouldn’t piss in his mouth if his lungs were on fire.

@JNOV: Actually, JNOV, thats the only time I would NOT piss in his mouth.

@FlyingChainSaw: A little “Stuck in the Middle With You,” to give you something to dance to?

Jesus fucking christ! Now people are shouting “homo” at Palin rallies when she mentions Barney Frank.

@JNOV: Palin needs chair, duct tape, louisville slugger too.

@Prommie: Plus a puncturing stiletto heel in her gut by a voluptuous drag queen wearing size 16 pumps.

@JNOV: And when she first broached the subject of Obama’s connection to Rashid Khalidi at a rally the other day she made sure to leave room for some boos after speaking his name, before explaining who he is. Seriously. They were just booing the foreign-sounding name. Way to cultivate intolerance, Governor.

@Prommie: Yeah, she was somewhere in Pennsyltucky. ARGH! I visited the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance in LA in the early 90s, and they have a map of the US with different colored push pins for each extremist group and their locations. PA was practically full of pins.

@mellbell: I know, right? Cultivating is the exact word. And inciting and just being all around bad people without a clue about what this country needs. They’re driving these wedges into the heart of this country.

Obama is a master coalition builder. I really hope he wins and is able to bridge the gaps McCain and Palin have widened. Or maybe the racists and homophobes are feeling safe expressing their feelings.

@JNOV: Why do you think Talibunny mentions his name?

@Prommie: No music. Just silence. So I can hear his teeth stick to the wall behind him when I really connect. That’s music.

@FlyingChainSaw: Yeah. Jr and I were watching MSNBC, and they broadcasted her speech. We had to stop the TiVo and listen to the crowd again to be sure. It came through pretty loud and clear, and I doubt she didn’t hear it. Some dude yelled it at least twice. I try my best not to call people I disagree with names, but these are the knuckle-dragging missing links, and I hate them.

In happier news, Zero the polar bear is back in his pen after being shot with a tranquilizer dart.

PG looked pitiful searching the crowd for JtP.

Lead pipe. Bottomless chair and rope, a la Casino Royale.

At a minimum.

heh heh…love the quentin reference.

i’m with the saw on this, only WITH ‘stuck in the middle with you’ playing.
W duct taped to a chair with saw having at him with a bat? or strapped to a gurney?
we’ll sing…..everybody dance now!!!

@Prommie: Actually, this could work with W himself stuffed into a pit over an outhouse. People could pay $100 for the chance to shit on him. He’d be forced to pull bits of food from shit to sustain his worthless self. The only way he could commit suicide if he wanted to is to choke himself to death on a huge turd. Yeah, yeah, I guess that could work.

Folks, we’re talking about a human being here, and —

Hold on, it’s the cell…

Uh-huh. Uh-huh. You sure? But what about — no, far be it from me. Okay.

That was God. He prefers ash over maple.


As always, you are a great weight-loss aid FCS. Keep up the good work.

I actually know guys who would love to be a human urinal. Is that weird?

So do I. Hetro or so they tell me.

Those revelations were filed under the “Things I don’t want you to tell me when you’re drunk” File.

And yes, they were RWers.

@ManchuCandidate: OK, here I am again, rewriting my lost post. Noone ever confessed to me any kind of a “piss in my mouth” fetish, drunk or sober, thank god. I’d be freaked. But the idea of it reminds me of the freakiest thing I ever witnessed, something that still haunts me.

College, senior year, 1985.

A Sunday afternoon, hanging around with a buddy, not a close friend, having beer and chicken wings in one of those college chicken wing and beer kinda places, it was just across the parking lot from my buddy’s apartmemt complex.

His next door neighbor walks in, walks up to us, all excited, and says “you gotta come to my place, we picked up this chick in a titty bar and she is fucking EVERYBODY.”

Huh? What? What the fuck?

Condemn the 22 year old prom, but I went to the apartment. Part pure sexual curiousity, part horrified curiousity, part thinking I need to make sure this isn’t a rape.

More to come.

I’m not condemning anyone because everyone is different. I wouldn’t even get snarky if a Repub senator (say from Idaho) liked men. Not my business really. I only get righteous when it is hypocrisy regarding public policy.

Don’t tell open gays they can’t have real relationships or be open about who they are and then get caught getting some strange in a men’s rest room.

I’ve had friends confide to me about some really weird shit (and I them) because they needed some help which is fine if not a bit uncomfortable at times (sometimes the uptight Korean puritan part of my psyche shows up.)

If it is someone I barely know and not all that comfortable with then I’m more, “why the hell are you telling me?”

Okay, I walk into the apartment. I am expecting that there is a bedroom, and the action takes place there, people come and go. Nope, no decorum at all. There is a young (our age, 20 or so) pretty, nice seeming girl, on the living room floor with her legs in the air, and 5 or 6 guys in their underwear are cheering on her current occupant.

Horror, really, truly, my feelings were, “what the fuck is she doing, why is she doing this, what the fuck, why, what the fuck.”

But it was willing. Very willing. Current occupant finsihed his business, and the girl started calling for more. Angry that the gap between occupants was too long. Screaming for someone else.

More horror. Horror over why she was doing this. what the fuck.

I remember little cotton socks, girly little cotton socks on her feet, waving in the air as she pointed her action zone around the room and demanded attention. Goading them, begging.

More horror.

Then I left.

And never forgot, and never stopped wondering, what the fuck, why, what the fuck?

What the fuck?

Wondering why they wanted to do it, wondering why she wanted to do it, completely at a loss as to what I had seen.

Still wondering. Drunk, Drugs? Maybe, I don’t know.

But I had always thought such scenes were something at best bordering on rape, but no, she was goading them, daring them, begging, openly, like a penthouse forum letter, for the next one.

And thats what disturbed me. What the fuck?

I figure she was in the same place as someone who likes to have someone pee in their mouth. Thats what reminded me of this. Its vivid, when it comes back, that memory, and the horror is still vivid, too.

Takes all kinds.

Not something I’d personally be into or partake in, but that’s just me.

@ManchuCandidate: Manchu, I am still horrified, by the guys who thought what was going on was cool, and by the mystery of what was in her head. Am I wrong to think it was degrading to her? Thats what is incomprehensible to me, she was begging for it, angry, that the guys who hadn’t gone yet were tentative and holding back. Was this somehow empowering for her in a way I can nver understand? And even if in her mind it was, what sickness in our society would make her feel this was empowering?

Now I am no prude, god knows, I have been in orgies, even, but in that situation there was an absolute equality between all participants. Noone was degrading anyone. It was just a joyful puppy pile. This was someone who seemed to be asking for humiliation.

I am still fucking creeped out. By her asking, and by those boys willing to oblige.

@Promnight: After you left, the train kept a rollin’, as Billy and Johnny Burnett said.

Train Kept a Rollin’

I don’t know. Some folks enjoy the depredation. What I know is the pleasure centers in the brain are pretty much the same for food, drugs, sex, etc. Thanks to the peculiarities of the human brain, this explains why there are so many fetishes.

Sounds like she had a big league case of daddy love me/extremely low self esteem.

I think it says with you because it was your “first” time. I think I’d be wigged out too and not participate if I were in the same situation. What you saw runs counter to your views and expectations and it was a serious shock to the system (similar effects as PTSD.)

I’d like to write a better answer, but this is all I have right now because I’m tired.

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