Watnat Chansit Talks to God

From: watnatchansit@yahoo.co.th
Subject: Your consent
Date: October 26, 2008 11:16:53 AM PDT
To: god@www.stinque.com

Dear Sir,

It is obvious that this proposal will come to you as a suprise. This is because we have not met before, but I am inspired to send you this email following the huge fund transfer opportunity that will be of mutual benefit to us. However, I am Barrister Watnat Chansit a citizen of Thailand and a legal practitioner. Due to political uncertainty and politics of vendetta against my client and other top officers of the opposition political party in Thailand by ruling party. My client asked me to seek your consent to transfer his money in Hsbc bank in Thailand to your country. The situation here is so tense that the opposition party blocked and occupied the goverment house and refused to allow the new prime minister into the government house since his inception as the new prime minister.

In a space of one year Thailand has witnessed three different prime ministers under the present ruling party. The problem has escalated so much that there are fear the military may decide to take over the government. My client would need your assistance to transfer the fund to your country and invest it in property development or any other business you wish to advise that is profit oriented. My client also agreed to reward you handsomely after the money had been transferred to your country.

On your acceptance of this proposal, we will the need following information which will be submitted to the bank to effect the transfer. Your full name and address. Your telephone and fax numbers your designated bank and account number. You are free to open a new account if you do not wish to use your old account.

We will highly appreciate your urgent reply.

Best regards,
Barr. Watnat Chansit.


Dear watnatchansit@yahoo.co.th,

Here is my bank account info:
Washington Mutual 345-5553-19543

I was going to help out Idi Amin and Ferdinand Marcos but you seem to be more desperate.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


Will you accept Nigerian pounds?

I think I know his brother, Wynot Chansit. He’s a partner at Dewey, Cheatham & Howe.

I’m in the middle of stringing along an even BETTER scammer – it involves industrial espionage! Yes, literal industrial espionage! Will post about it when I come up for air.

I now fuck with scammers, ever since I saw what they’re doing over on Craigslist housing ads. That just made me mad. And when I get mad, I stay mad.

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