Who Will Kill For Sarah?

Take a good long look at this picture:

I took it in 2003. 

Now that you’ve had a look, go read Krugman.  If you already read it in the comments, read it again.


“My mom had a good phrase. She said the first night she pulled into Dallas, it was raining, that it was lightning. And they’re coming into Dallas and she said if there was ever a hell on earth, it’s Dallas County. She’s right. She’s right.”

– Randall Adams in The Thin Blue Line

Was that shot with a 2 1/4 view camera?

@redmanlaw: No – it was shot with a Holga (cheap Chinese plastic camera w/ plastic lens – you have to tape it up b/c it leaks light, but you get great shots – uses medium format film). Who knew a cheap piece of junk could produce such images? I actually had more fun with it than my Rolleiflex medium format system (which I sold). I am now looking for a Hasselblad basic setup so I can start making pictures again.

More on the Holga: http://www.lomography.com/holga/

@redmanlaw: I should also add that I scanned the negative and fussed with it in Photoshop a bit.

@blogenfreude: Ah, but it is a medium format camera.

I started in journalism as a photographer but couldn’t afford all the gear, and the idea of literally flushing a precious metal down the drain in the printing process bugged me, so I became a reporter. My photo buddy and partner on three major projects for the late great Albuquerque Tribune and the San Hose Mercury News used to get pissed when he was talking about buying new lenses or bags or some shit and I’d waggle a pen at him and say “39 cents, dude, and they give them to me.”

@blogenfreude: Gotta love the Holga. The $39 camera.

@blogenfreude: A TV crew gave me a digital camera at a gig in Japan years ago and it did inspire me to buy a very decent 9 Mpx Fujifilm clamshell (actually the color trueness is arresting) but if I am traveling someplace new, the brass and glass are with me.

@blogenfreude: Fair enough. That was the price I saw stuck on a stack of Holgas last time I was in Glazers in Seattle.

@blogenfreude: God Bless B&H, and their wonderful catalogs full of things I would never use but would love to have.


Okay, I’ll bite: I know about S&H (green stamps), B&O (railroad), and Bang & Olufsen, but B&H? Do I really need to use the googles?

Great fucking pic. Wife told me she feared the mess that Hopey would inherit, I said that I fear the alternative. The foaming at the mouth a-skeers me a lot, but then I think: Obama knew what he was facing when he stepped into the ring. I just hope that we can run this on November 5

@nabisco: Fry’s for photographers…


I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting the home office, but that’s where I got my Canon XL-1S and other high-end goodies.

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