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Sen. John McCain has built his entire political career after the Keating 5 scandal around being a MAVERICK.  As such, he finds some value in joining with Democrats from time to time to get some legislation action.  But he basically has two weeks to decide whether to keep up the pressure or save what’s left of his career.  Please join me after the very conveniently placed jump-link for a more complete explanation.

If he’s interested in doing things that make this country better, he may well have to do it without being President.  And thus the next two weeks is going to present him with a stark choice.  If he keeps up this crap and goes forward with a scorched-earth campaign, then the chances of getting a Democrat (no, Lieberman does not count) to work with him on getting significant legislation passed are totally finished — even if he wins.  And the hard-line Republicans will be less than enthused about working with him. Whatever good reputation he had (at least, the patina of being MAVERICKY) will be toast.

(Obviously: he could simply declare that he’s tired of this crap, and everyone will believe him.  But, then again, he may still want in.) 

If he tones it down — at least, after the last debate — he might be able to settle into a (very) senior statesman position and go for one last term in 2010.  He may fail, but he’s got a chance to regain something of his reputation and influence things, somewhat.

The pull of the Presidency has consumed this man — literally.  If it’s not looking good after the Bob Schieffer Prime Time House Party, McCain should do himself a favor and call off the dogs.  (He won’t, though.  Hubris rules the day.  But he should.)


Is it the pull, or is it that he sold his soul – maybe literally – for GOP support after it was clear he was the front-runner?

He won’t be able to get anything done either way after this election. Hugging W so closely after he got shellacked by Rove in SC sapped much of his cred, the Republican primary sucked out more, and choosing the Talibunny was the real last straw for a bunch of people.

(I have run into way too many non-religious-nutty Republicans who are turned off by Palin to think this is a coincidence. Granted, this is in CA.)

John McCain is now the owner of a raging case of bitch mentality.

@Signal to Noise: I agree with your read on Geezer’s future irrelevancy, but out here among the PA bitterz, he and the Bunny still have remarkable purchase. The reasonably sane Repugs just want a win in their column, and seem prepared to swallow hard and pull the lever for Geezer and teh Bunnie.

@nabisco: that’s more than entirely possible. I know a few of those, and I’m sure a few of the aforementioned moderately sane GOP-ers who shudder at Palin will probably have their usual “come to Jesus” moment in the voting booth, so, grain of salt.

@nabisco: I heard that PA was leaning dem except for a loud corner of the SW of the state that was holding on tight to Palin as their savior. Boh? My mom told me that?

I wish my mom liked cussing. She would love you guys.

@Signal to Noise: He has also revealed his true self, people have had enough exposure to him to see the mean, egotistical, bullying, short-trempered gloryhound he is. Turns out that though Rove may have been harsh in SC in 2000, he wasn’t lying when he brought up the temper, the rages, and the mental instability.

Poor CP, there’s tumbleweeds rolling down the street, no sound but the wind.

@Prommie: All the more chance for the “above the jump” bloggers to feel the adoration of the silent majority, which is what they wanted, right?

@Prommie: Nojo carried that site for a long time – wonder if they even offered thanks? Whatever – I’m happy here.

@flippin eck: @Prommie: @Nabisco:

Hoom, hoom. We could give them a chance over there, you know. Although it’s funny to me that they expected anything different from a group of people who migrated as a group the last time their favorite site made a huge change without considering them. Did they expect us not to stick with the guy who does pay attention to us?

The scorpion stings because it is a scorpion, Grasshopper…..

But we should give Hunter et al a chance… did we not sometime call “all hail” to him? If you remember right, we did….


…Turns out that though Rove may have been harsh in SC in 2000, he wasn’t lying when he brought up the temper, the rages, and the mental instability.

Irony is yummy, and will be even tastier as a dish eaten cold in November.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Besides the angst, there’s also the technical issue. It’s just easier to use this site. I’ll still play ball over there, though.

@Tommmcatt Yet Again: Quite honestly, I just wish Greg would proofread his damn posts.

But yeah, I’m not anti-Cynic in principle. I just like the punctilious writers (and consistent updates!) here more. Flying Chainsaw was right when he said the beauty of CP was its “improvisational,” multivocal unruliness.

@BRB: When he actually paid attention I would point them out to him, and sometimes he’d fix them, but it’s been several months since that was the case.

I guess I can’t blame HW and Greg for getting the paying gigs. If CP is a side-project and they treat it like one, that’s fine. I still head over there, but the thing is (and always has been) dog slow, and the real draw is the crazy comment-stream after the posts. Really, I just want to be one of the cool kids, wherever they may be hanging out this week.

@Prommie: true. Anger management for that man would only be a beginning.

@rptrcub: Life is short – no more CP for me. Too many blogs, too little time. If I’m going to suck, I’m going to do it here dammit.


Wow, does that last phrase sound familiar or what?

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