McCain Ironically Mauled By Lipstick-Wearing Pit Bull

We stole the headline from the Daily Show writers, who contribute some sidebars to this week’s Entertainment Weekly interview with Stewart and Colbert. They’ve been doing a lot of press lately, but this one happened to land in our mailbox.

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert: Mock the Vote [EW]

Looks if Stephen Colbert might have a 5th career as a female impersonator if the TV/author etc gigs don’t pan out.

As someone pointed out (can’t remember who or where) but someone over at EW must enjoy the irony of Jewy McJewison*, I mean, Jon, playing a “Mooslim”

*Jon has joking called himself or been called that on TDS and not meant as slur against the Jews.

Speaking of irony, was I the only one watching the debate who thought it was hilarious that Grampa Simpson said “I’m not Miss Congeniality” two times given Talibunny was named Miss Congeniality Alaska 1984? Do not remind voters of her idiot background, PG!

@SanFranLefty: Oh yes, I remembered that. Couldn’t believe he was actually reminding people of her like she’s an asset. Also wouldn’t have gone with so many “remind the people how old I am” lines.
Hope the hand gets better fast.

@Mistress Cynica: How Freudian was “old pen”? It can still veto! Just give it a good, vigorous shake! I really wanted to see Obama lend him a nice “new” one from his podium, all charged up with black ink.

@BRB: I found it amusing that PG’s pen was a Sharpie. He’s going to sign and veto pens with a fucking Sharpie? I liked it when he got all Bob Dole and held on to the pen for the rest of the damn debate. He just needed to start fiddling with the cap or have it go flying across the stage and it’d be like about 60% of the presentations I go to.

@Mistress Cynica: I’m still trying to wrap my head around the “David Eisenhower” reference. At first I thought he got it confused with David Rockefeller, and then I realized that maybe Ike was known by his middle name among friends — sort of like Jack Kennedy, except nobody has never heard it before. (It was definitely a first for me, and I notice these things.)

I mean, good for him that he was apparently friends with Ike on a middle-name basis. But yes, don’t you have to be a bit on in years to have been pals with a president from a half-century ago?

@BRB: And my old Royal can whip this upstart MacBook Pro any time it wants.

@SanFranLefty: Sign and veto bills, not pens, you frickin moran.

I swear I can correctly pronounce “pen” if anyone is wondering.

@nojo: At least he didn’t say he knew Harry Truman.

TJ: Nevada GOP official fired after saying Democrats will make Hispanics the “new African-American community” and “dependent on the government.” At least RML’s neighbor who said Hispanics will never vote for a black man has some company.

@All: Do you like my new look? I figured in honor of the new classy looking site, I needed a change. Photo taken Friday at a press conference with Barney Frank. Note California flag in background.

@SanFranLefty: I say “pin,” and did you get your hand checked out?

Boy, CP is really going gangbusters now that management has reined in all that off topic cliquey stuff, you know, comments.

@SanFranLefty: I was going to mention Nancy’s new look earlier, but got distracted. I definitely approve.

@SanFranLefty: @undercoverother: I have to make a conscious effort to differentiate between pin and pen, too, being from Southeast Dumbfuckistan. I’m sure you, SFL, have a similar struggle coming from South Central Moronvia (Tejas, if I remember correctly).

Also, SFL, lurving the new pic. You stay classy, Nancy P — and perhaps light a fire under some elephants’ asses.

@undercoverother: I differentiate between ‘pin’ and ‘pen,’ but somehow don’t between ‘bag’ and ‘beg’ (I say both like most people say the latter). At least I don’t say ‘Warshington,’ though, like a lot of people in my home town (which is in…Washington State) do.

Also, I can usually get “perestroika” out on the first try.

@BRB: “Warshington” was one of my trigger words during the debate drinking game.

Cool news, Kathleen Parkers’s column calling on Palin to back out is getting MSM attention, and the British press is reporting that the big distraction McCain’s campaign is gonna use to maybe kibosh her debating is, wait for it, wait for it, The shotgun wedding! Kid turns 18 in October, and will be 6 months pregnant, gotta happen soon!

The rumbling is beginning. They’re gonna make sure she does not debate, if they keep her on the ticket.

@Promnight: I’m truly impressed. I expected enthusiasm to die down after the week following the convention, but I didn’t expect it to crater.

@Promnight: shotgun wedding, as in, Caribou Barbie will have one aimed at Levi Johnson the entire ceremony, right?

@Promnight: You live near the A.C., any thoughts on Grampa Simpson’s gambling issues? I’m also curious what RedManLaw thinks, given how this is all about McCain’s big love affair with American Indian casinos (or the ones that give him money).

@BRB: I never knew there was supposed to be a difference between pin and pen until I became friends with a linguist a couple of years ago.

After tonight’s news on the bailout – Palin gets shoved aside and Paulson subs to fill McCain’s weak spot on the economy. Clueless US Americans flock to the ticket. All aboard the Promnight Express!

Great dinner at the casita of our friends from Zacatecas and Durango tonight. Flautas de pollo y guacamole, rice with various spices, salad, agua de tamarindo. Mmmm. Couple of shots of OK and very good tequila to get things rolling, then me and my boy Hector watched a video on “Sabado de Gloria” or Easter Saturday* while the ladies looked at wedding pictures. All that after working at the rancho all day. Time for a quick nip then off to bed.

*or was that Chicago from last night?

@Lefty and Cyn – man, what happened to you guys last night? Cyn, I’m with Lefty in that a good mouthpiece might be able to knock Mr Cyn’s charges down depending on probable cause, etc. A lot depends on the quality of cop in your jurisdiction. If they’re hacks, you might be able to pull it off but the likelihood of that occurring diminishes with a higher quality of cop. ROR is good b/c it means resources won’t be tied up in bail money. I would take Lefty’s references and have them evaluate Mr Cyn’s case to see if the cops and prosecution have any holes to fill.

/fmr DWI prosecutor, now doing a DWI defense against the Navajo Nation as part of my pro bono work

Good luck. My thoughts are with you. Hope you got that hand looked at, L.

@rptrcub: Sugar, I still can’t pronounce “library” correctly, as much as that kills you and Cynica, (nor can I correctly pronounce “insurance” or “NASA”) but I have made it my mission to pronounce pen and pin differently.
@redmanlaw: Muchas gracias amigo, my dog bite report is on the debate thread, and I am still working on arranging my life and work stuff to go do GOTV in northern N.M. with you and Jamie over Dia de los Muertos – can you let Jamie know we’re over here with the Judean National Front? I tried but she hasn’t responded.

@SanFranLefty: Cobra Girl is lurking, just waiting for the opportune moment to strike. That’s her M.O. to date, anyway. That McCain/gambling article is awesome. It’ll be in inboxes all over Indian Country by Monday morning. Nov 1 itself is a holy day back at the Pueblo, but I’m free otherwise that weekend.

Also on the MIA list – Raging Monk

Some of you Project Rungay people should take a quick look at what Judas Priest singer Rob Halford is wearing these days. Words fail me. My brother saw them last month and said the Original Mr Hell Bent for Leather should hang it up. Yes, as a matter of fact I am watching Metal Mania on vh1. So?

/night – T fist pump o’ love to all

@redmanlaw: Thanks for the advice. I’ll be e-mailing SFL for attorney recs. When we walked all over hell and half of Georgia today to bail the car out of impound, the guy who told it told us that the cop told him the reason Mr Cyn got stopped was because the cop had seen our car around for several months now, and it still had OK plates. (Yes, I’m wracked with guilt for not taking care of that, but hey, I was busy and the DMV is, of course, a nightmare).

@SanFranLefty: Meh, the non-native american gaming industry doesn’t know him from adam. The chairman of the casino lobby, ya know, is Frank Fahrenkopf, ex-chairman of the republican national committee and Reagan buddy. The casinos don’t lack for friends.

@Promnight: The NYT piece is going to be hugely damaging in Indian country to the extent that Geez has any support there because of his long-time membership on the Senate Indian Affairs Committee. The mantra goes “He understands Indian issues becuase of his time on the Committee. ”

A lot of Indian leaders who may have been sitting in the fence or leaning Geez will surely reconsider unless they directly benefited from something he’s done. There’s a lot of stuff in the article that I didn’t know, and I spent several months working on Abramoff stuff (as a grunt not a player) so some of the names were familiar to me, although not their relationships to McCain.

It does bother me that CNN continues to use Ralph Reed as an analyst on McCain issues, while Reed and his evangelical political outreach under the name of Century Strategies (which he still uses on TV) was a huge part of the Abramoff scheme.

@redmanlaw: I’d just like to say that whenever I hear “Indian Country” I am both thrilled and pissed. I wish I could live in Indian Country without having to move. Ya know?

JNOV: I’m here, but heavily busy with “real life.” Some bullshit like that anyway. This week was 14ish hours a day busting ass at the theater, and the next 3-4 weeks will also include a great deal of theatrical madness, but also sitting at a desk at work, so I won’t be quite so absent here.

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