The End

You know, nojo gave me posting privileges today, which I have attempted to not abuse. I ain’t running this show, and I have no designs on taking over nojo’s baby. But in searching for a WaMu story in Seattle, I came across this.

A Republican rebellion stalled government efforts Thursday to avoid economic meltdown, a chaotic turnaround that disrupted the choreography of an extraordinary White House meeting meant to show joint resolve from the president, the political parties and the presidential candidates. Instead, the summit broke up so bitterly that Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson got on one knee before Democratic leaders in a theatrical attempt to salvage talks.

I don’t know what emotion to go with. Rage and fury are two that come to mind. But, in light of my prolific posting tonight, I’m going to go with stunned silence. With that: good night.

[Addendum, again: nojo, in the WaMu thread, found this too. It’s as if we both heard this giant rip in the cosmic plane at the same time and reacted in the same way.]


Everyone wants to play with the shiny new toy, which doesn’t bother me in the least. And, as you’ll disover you already discovered in a comment on your previous post, we’ve both found these two items notable.

To go meta, this is an example of organic development: We’ll find our equilibrium after a few days, and meanwhile nothing wrong with trying things out. I prefer to discover order in chaos, not impose it.

And to go really meta: Jeezus there’s a whole lotta shit going down this week. It’s not like we’re covering every twist of Geezer stiffing Letterman, but a story that would normally preoccupy us for days is cast aside because something even more ludicrous turns up the next hour.

If it takes us twelve posts just to keep abreast of it all, so be it. Hey, this is a blog…

I love reading your posts. I don’t think you’re limited to how often you can post. That’s the other place.

And with that last nasty snark, I am off. The meds have kicked in, and I’m getting too mellow to rant.

I’d like to claim that my manic nightly posting is due to the fact that I can only lurk at work, but it’s also cuz I’m manic. What can I say?

@nojo: The world started spinning differently on is axis yesterday or the day before. Oh, crap, it’s that pole shift the NuAgers have been praying for since 1975.

There’s absolutely nothing so bad that George W. Bush can’t touch it and fuck it up worse. Did love Nancy’s answer to Paulson: “I didn’t know you were Catholic.”

@JNOV: Wayyyyyy back in the day, I first heard what was already a very old saw: Hire the right people, then step back and let them do their work.

I want everyone here to have the full measure of their taste and judgment — why else hand them the keys? I am sneaking some suggestions under the hood — short paragraphs, short blockquotes, quick jumps, your basic AP for the web — but those have to do with keeping the homepage from collapsing under its own weight, and acknowledging the special requirements of your computer monitor as a reading medium.

Editor as coach, really. I enjoy me a good copy desk fight, but this isn’t the place for them.

@redmanlaw: Did they start the Collider just last week? Because I could have sworn we got sucked into a black hole the moment Palin was announced.

@Mistress Cynica: That was indeed a gem from Pelosi. Why don’t we hear that kind of thing more often?

@nojo: Oh! Of course! The collider I forgot all about that after it didn’t melt down or anything. Oh, wait, never mind. It didn’t give anyone superpowers either, I am disappointed.
“Hadron” always makes me giggle, though.

@nojo: Holy fuck! That’s right! It’s like that energy field in X-Men flowing out from the Statue of Liberty.

X-Files starting now. Mellbell, where you at?

Man, Mulder looks like shit in the Californication previews.

On the waaaay cheap NW wines now as an austerity move. Columbia Crest Two Vine Merlot. Six bucks, made with real grapes, contains alcohol. Found it in the Prom Night Bottom Feeder Bin at the grocery store.

“The Walk” (1995) is off the scale in Scullyosity.

OK, just to inject the necessary conspiracy theory here (which I hope baked/fried/burned/rotisseried will appreciate, baby you need some light entertainment, right?!):

Those Swiss fuckers with their incomparably precise clockworks knew the super collider could spawn a black hole that would devour the entire earth, nay the entire eleven-dimensional universe — don’t tell me they aren’t totally shopping for kick-ass shoes in that eleventh-dimensional universe — and yet they proceeded.

It was only an intermittent power failure at the HAARP installation that stymied their nefarious plans to suck the entire universe into a black hole hurtling toward Saturn’s gaseous heart, disrupting the trajectory of the plutonium-crusted core of the spacefaring satellite, confounding their plans to ignite a new sun. Lucifer Project, look it up peeps.

All of this mess has gone so far beyond surreal that I’m wondering if D.C. isn’t really in another separate dimension from the rest of us, encapsulated by the stifling summer heat.

Nojo gave me posting privs to, for which I give thanks. Let’s face it – Nojo was CP, with an occaisional assist from me and a few others (I’ve been working like two dogs, but it’s no excuse). Megan is gone. I’m happy to be here.

As for the giant red, white, and blue dick that’s about to be shoved up all our asses, I find this interesting:

Where is all that money coming from?

I have a nice synopsis thanks to Stinquers, et. al., including the fuel crisis that’s going to turn Atlanta into something out of Mad Max.

@Signal to Noise: I think we’ve all been dragged into that warp of the space-time continuum.

@JNOV: Sweetie, I’ve been taking extra Seroquel this week.

New post at top … the winds of Cocktober have begun to, er, blow.

My take. Neanderthal version: Bush-Paulson plan is extortion-theft. Dems going along with it with cosmetic concessions was horrible spineless lemming-like move. McCain is horrible old suckbag dramaqueen self aggrandizing asshole, but if he makes new plan come, with completely different approach, would be good from policy perspective. Dems dig own grave allowing selves to get railroaded by Bush-Paulson into even thinking of throwing a trillion dollars at the fucks. How fucking dumb you need to be to let republicans paint selves as opposing the “Bush-Democrat giveaway?”


The mania is also you. Love the mania.

I do.

@Prommie: So maybe, just maybe, when all is said and done (a state of affairs that never arrives), Psychogeezer’s grandstanding may have made room for some light and air to enter the negotiations? If so, that’s possibly the only good thing he’s had any part in for ever so long.

Lost in a Roman wilderness of pain and all the children are insane.

@lynnlightfoot: From what I read, it’s not really Geezer but a GOP rump group that’s holding things up. They’re dead set against government intervention in business, so they want a bunch of banks to go in on a private-sector solution.

Ummm… A government-backed private-sector solution. We still get to spend $700 billion, but our chaste remains unsullied.

@lynnlightfoot: Nope, looking like I was wrong, McCain really did just blunder into town clueless, Lieberman met him at the airport, stuck his head up his ass, and stayed there for the whole 48 hours, while McCain careened around looking for a spotlight to steal. The rump group of republicans have a proposal that stinks so bad, even on ice, that its aburd (they proposed elimination of the capital gains tax as the cure, yay!) and in the end, after McCain was laughed out of town, the adults took back over, and all will be relatively well.

OK, the bailout won’t be such a giveaway, we’re gonna buy the mortgages, and the fact is, the mortgages are worth more to a long term investor than to a speculator, so its not really fraudulent to pay more for them than they are worth in the hands of the people currently holding them. They will have value and most of the money will be repaid, at worst, most, at best, there will be profit down the road.

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