The War on Boomers

As we were about to say last Sunday before we got tired of sounding like an oracle and spiked the post, this might be the most critical week of the election: the week the caricatures settle in.

Events overtook our discussion anyway. Who cares what Sarah told Charlie? That’s a pre-9/15 attitude in a post-9/15 world. The past keeps disappearing at an alarming rate this season, and we’re sure something will happen this afternoon that makes us forget this morning. And whatever it is, Geezer will promise to reform that too, just after he tells us not worry about it.

But despite our admonition to not pay attention, we do peek at polls occasionally, especially if they promise to enlighten us beyond who leads among 1,100 adults stupid enough to answer the phone.

Even if takes — let’s see — seven grafs to find what we’re looking for.

And sure enough, what we find is this: Nothing has changed. Including the fact that everyone continues to ignore the only consistent statistic all year: your age.

If you’re under 45, odds are 3-2 you support Obama. If you’re over 65, the odds reverse. In between, even. You can chart that with a ruler, left to right.

This election is a war on Boomers, and it has been from the start. Sarah Palin didn’t change that, probably because anyone her age or younger can see what an idiot she is without the intercession of Uncle Charlie.

Everything else is a smokescreen, mildly interesting chatter at best. If you expect to live until at least 2035, you’re voting for your future. If your chances of surviving McCain’s first term rival McCain’s, you’re begging for one more chance to fuck up the world royally before passing what’s left of it to the next generation.

McCain Seen as Less Likely to Bring Change, Poll Finds [NYT]
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