Cynics Party Commenter Strike Enters Second Day

Sure, we could blame it on a malfunctioning database, but who are we kidding: It’s you, taking your vengeance on our groundbreaking series of posts, “Sarah Palin: Get Over Yourselves, She Can’t Be That Bad.” You’re dumbstruck by our sudden advocacy of plucky personality politics, and rather than comment, you’re acting like a sulky bunch of goth kids.

Well, fine. Until you grow up enough to treat us with some level of respect and deference, we’ll just leave the comments broken, and you can spend the day with the whiners at Kos and TPM. Then you’ll come back on your knees, begging us to fix the comments, and maybe we will if your anguish pleases us.

And maybe we will anyway. Soon as we figure out how.

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