There’s a Rodney Dangerfield Line in Here, and We’re Not Going There

On one hand, we’re just a tad uncomfortable running this as the Porn Post.

On the other hand — we can’t resist.

But it’s a sad story. David W. Johnson’s wife suffered a stroke some years back, and she was placed in a Portage, Wisconsin, nursing home. Although she was all but comatose, he remained a devoted husband, visiting daily, reading her the Bible, moving her limbs so her muscles wouldn’t atrophy.

Oh, and closing the door to her room and, er…

Yeah. That.

But that’s not the story. The staff grew suspicious that he was too loving a husband, and tipped off the cops. The cops got a search warrant, installed a hidden camera in the room, and…

There you go. Caught on tape. That’s the weird part.

The wife’s sister is cool with loving hubby, so we’re not going to pull a Frist and diagnose his behavior from afar. But the tape was used to bring charges against hubby, the tape was thrown out of court as the product of an illegal search, and the tape was the basis of an unsuccessful appeal by prosecutors to a state appeals court.

And the tape may yet travel to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Not that anybody’s watching it, of course. Are they?

Wis. court: Cops illegally taped nursing home sex [AP]
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