Madden Electoral College ’08

We felt a disturbance in the Force upon the release of the latest polls Monday, but before everyone rushes off to their favorite Tatooine dive bar to drink themselves into oblivion while the world blows up, a note of caution:

National polls don’t mean shit.

Sure, they’re amusing, and fun to chatter about when we’re not trash-talking Talibunny, but after our civics lesson in 2000 — Al Gore won the popular vote, in case you haven’t heard — we should be well aware of the Dead Hands of the Founders upon our electoral system.

The action is in the states, and state polls are the only polls that matter. Our Telestrator seems to be broken, but if you imagine us doing a Minority Report on the map, you’ll see that the vase looks just like a face.

Hold on, wrong map.

Okay. The two joints we follow both show Obama with commanding leads in the electoral-vote count — especially in sure-thing states — and this hasn’t changed all summer. Because they both average polls over the past week, they won’t really show the effect of Moose & Squirrelcheeks for a few more days, but if all Talibunny does is make red states redder, we’re not worried.

But we will have that drink. Who needs an excuse?

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