Famous Blogger Answers Your Questions

Q. Are you a liberal partisan hate rag?

A. No. We hate all idiots equally.

Q. Why are you using a derogatory term against women?

A. You mean “cunt” and “trollop”? You must have us confused with Maverick McCain.

Oh, pussy. Right. Actually, “you’re a pussy” is a common expression accusing someone of lacking courage, especially in an athletic context such as hockey games. But if you’d like, John McCain is a dick. Fair’s fair.

Q. I get it. People think differently than you so they aren’t thinking for themselves.

A. No, people reading from someone else’s canned scripts aren’t thinking for themselves. People who think differently from us are merely wrong.

Q. This is liberalism to its core: I’m smarter than you are and I’m going to yell and rant till you agree with me.

A. We are, we will, but we don’t expect you to agree with us. To quote Lex Luthor, “My genius is no match for your ignorance.”

Q. She ain’t gonna find an unbiased network except for Fox.

A. If the survival of the human race were dependent upon your acuity, we’d be worried. Which, come to think of it, we are.

Q. She has a major in journalism and a minor in political science. She was also an on-air sports reporter, so I think she knows how to handle the media and their pettiness.

A. It’s not Chris Matthews we’re worried about, it’s Vladmir Putin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hu Jintao, Kim Jong-il, and whoever has the launch codes in Pakistan, for starters. If Sarah Palin is too chickenshit to chat up even Katie Couric, we fear for the Republic when John McCain is taken out in a tragic motocross accident next year.

Q. Perhaps, and I’m really going out on a limb here, she’s spending some precious time with her family before she hits the road. You know, with that baby with Downs and with her pregnant daughter.

A. Or maybe, just maybe, John McCain selected a manifestly unprepared governor of Alaska with no known interest in national or international issues as his running mate to appease the Fundamentalist power brokers in his party and skim off a few Hillary voters in the bargain, handed her a prewritten and hastily revised speech to deliver at his convention, sent her on the road with a teleprompter to make sure she sticks to the script, and is taking pains that she avoid any extemporaneous contact with a microphone for fear she says something that reveals how little she knows or how divisive her views on social issues are.

But that’s just us spitballing.

Q. Palin has agreed to an interview with Charlie Gibson of ABC. What do you have to say about that, smartass?

A. We welcome the opportunity to drop “pussy” and switch over to the more delightful “Talibunny.”

Can Sarah Palin think for herself? [Debate Policy]
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