Meanwhile, in Sedona

The Geezer has a Dayton playdate with his new Vice Geezer on Friday, although there’s some buzz that he might try to steal some headlines by announcing today. If so, it could be Droopy, the Baby Killer, the Mormon, Governor Placenta, or even Kay Bailey Hutchison (nickname pending), but since we haven’t been paying any attention, we’ll wait for the “surprise”.

Why the quotes? Well, the Post reports that McCain “dropped from public view after a fundraiser Tuesday night in San Diego.” We won’t tell you the identity of the confused elderly gentleman we found wandering on Washington Street that night, but as he watched the convention on our couch, we heard him mutter “Fuck. Now I’ll have to go with that exorcist.”

McCain Is Said to Be Set to Unveil Running Mate Tomorrow [WaPo]
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