Conference Calls Make Bad Photo Ops

In an announcement that by sheer coincidence came the afternoon before Michelle Obama’s speech, John McCain told a waiting world that Cindy is traveling to Georgia.

No, not that Georgia. The other one. The Christian one. The other Christian one.

Wait: The Georgia with the pipelines. And Russian tanks. That one.

Cindy, whose humanitarian efforts are legendary among McCain staffers, will meet with Mikheil Saakashvili (thanks, copy & paste!), visit wounded Georgian soldiers, talk to representatives of the land-mine removal organization she works with, and not be criticized by the Fox News hosts who would rake Michelle Obama over the coals if she did anything similar.

Her aides swear the timing has nothing to do with the Democratic convention. Even if she does plan to return Wednesday night — checking off every item on her list in a whirlwind 36 hours.

Cindy McCain’s Mission to Georgia [Time]
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