Your Money’s No God Here

Unless you’re a numismatics groupie, you probably missed the recent story about the new Susan B. Anthony Sacagawea Andrew Jackson dollar coin, minted in honor of his opposition to paper money, or maybe because engravers love his hair.

But keen-eyed Grand Rapids newspaper readers noticed something else engravers love: Satan. The new coins lack the comforting inscription “Render Unto Caesar” “In God We Trust”.

Well, just not on the front or back. God is relegated to the edge, where He may as well be the fine print in a drug commercial.

“That’s dirty pool putting it on the edge,” complained Press reader Ann Holmes. “Who knew it was there? Did they tell us it was there?”

Apparently they didn’t. Ms. Holmes learned of the godless coin from a forwarded email.

Peggy LaPenna doesn’t care whether God is in the details. “Send the U.S. Mint a strong message,” she wrote. “We insist that God stay on ‘the front’ of our money!”

Dollar coins not ‘Godless’ despite urban myth [Grand Rapids Press]
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