We Don’t Take Kindly to Your Superlatives

“If Obama can show himself to be a person of faith, it also helps him combat the idea that he’s an elitist, that he’s not a mainstream American.”
  – Steve Waldman, founder and
  editor-in-chief of Beliefnet

  • “The reactor is about to blow! Send me the most typical people you’ve got!”
  • The Tamest Generation
  • The Few. The Proud. The Shunned.
  • “I’m knave of the world!”
  • Profiles in Average
  • My Child Keeps His Head Down at Middleton Middle School
  • Lives of the Ain’ts
  • “Some are born mediocre, some achieve mediocrity, and some have mediocrity thrust upon them.”
  • Guinness Book of World Medians
  • “Just because he can walk on water doesn’t make him special.”
Evangelicals Up For Grabs? Candidates Court Voters [NPR]
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