The Lord is My Stool Pigeon

Bank teller Robin Davis was simply minding her own business one day when the Lord deposited $10,304 to her account. But when she tried to withdraw $1,500 of it, God forgot to countersign the cashier’s check.

And now He’s acting like He doesn’t even know her.

A Sumter, South Carolina, jury convicted Davis of fraud Friday, despite her insistence that the adjustment was literally a gift from God. Her lawyer plans to appeal, on the apparent grounds that Jehovah failed to answer a summons to explain why He used her bank ID and password to grace her financial status.

But prosecutor Catherine Fant hinted she already has that Witness on ice. “If God would have given you the money and blessed you,” said Fant, “he wouldn’t have framed you.”

Ex-teller found guilty of bank fraud [Sumter Item]
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