Spot the Avenger!

Hint: If you’re looking for someone in this list capable of kicking ass and taking names, it’s not #4.

Meet the Press: Al Gore and Tom Brokaw hunt the elusive Manbearpig.

Face the Nation: Someone should tell Joe Lieberman (I-Robot) that you only win the coveted Full Ginsberg by appearing on all five shows the same day.

This Week: Celebrate the pre-empting British Open by wishing Diana Rigg a happy 70th birthday!

Late Edition: Only seven years into a presidency so criminal and incompetent that historians will be fighting each other for the best adjectives, Nancy Pelosi bravely steps forward to say Bush is an idiot.

Fox News Sunday: We dare Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, to drop Dr. Strangelove references.

Guests and topics subject to change. Hang tight, kids, Shark Week is almost here!

MTP, FTN, This Week, Late Edition, This is the War Room!
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