Hail Caesar!

The best news this week is that Harry Shearer‘s impression of the marble-mouthed NBC patriarch has been given new life. If you want to play the home version, try speaking without consonants.

Meet the Press: Brokaw pulls a Brinkley, to go progressively senile during the 2008 campaign.

Face the Nation: Joe Lieberman (I-Eeyore) melts under the hot studio lights.

This Week: Honest to god, there’s a link that says “Curious About George?” Nominations are open for The Man With The Yellow Hat.

Late Edition: Accomplished exorcist, distinguished child abuser, testicle gourmand and Alfred E. Neuman impersonator Bobby Jindal strains our ability to maintain running gags.

Fox News Sunday: Bob Barr! Bob Barr! Bob Barr!

Guests and topics subject to change. Oh, we kid — it’s the same crap every week.

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