What We Talk About When We Don’t Talk About Hillary

Geez, there must be something out there… The new iPhone 3G? Nah, even if you can download porn three times faster. Ralph “Unsafe at Any Election” Nader polling 6 percent? One spoiler at a time, please. John “Keating Five” McCain throwing darts at Unicorn’s veep posse over some S&L loans? Wake us up for the next Fistacular. And we’ll take a pass on Bimbo Eruptions: The Criterion Edition.

So, what’s left?

South Korea’s cabinet offered to resign on Tuesday after an unpopular deal to widen the market to U.S. beef imports sparked massive street protests against the government which has been in office barely three months.

Something about Mad Cow disease being spread from the Democrats American cattle. But here’s the thing: the entire cabinet offered to resign. Over a beef deal. And not one of them is writing a book about it. And here we thought North Korea had the crazy leaders.

S.Korea cabinet offers to resign over U.S. beef row [Reuters]
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