Per Politico, Geezerplex is going to shelve Ayers/NAH NAH NAH attacks, in favor of focusing on the economy — which of course is the Geezer’s strong point.

Of course, this won’t stop 527s from doing having at the Chicago crew. And it’s possible that Talibunny may not get the message. But still — things are getting worse for the old man, if that were even possible.

Note well, however, that there’s probably an ad or twenty already in the can on all of this. And also one about Obama’s drug use. And the whole flag-pin genre. And God knows what else. The endgame here may very well be an ad blitz in the last 72 hours in redneck sectors of Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and North Carolina bringing all of this shit up in a last-ditch effort to take any of those states. It may kill him nationally, but the game is in Appalachia right now for McCain — it’s his only shot.

Keep chanting this to yourselves as a mantra — THIS IS NOT OVER YET.