Dance Like Your Country is Going to Hell in a Handbasket

We woke up Sunday morning with one thing or another on our mind (and a third, things being what they are), but before our thoughts could evolve from a cosmic gaseous cloud into a pristine planet, someone tweeted an old Gong Show clip that reminded us that joy is where you find it, even when you’re not looking.

The world sucks, and it’s unlikely to get better for a long time. But if we’re going down, we’re going down dancing.



@¡Andrew!: God, I love that scene. And here I can see the whole GOP on strings.

Many years ago I took a friend on a date to the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas (my hometown).
Benny Siegel’s place had been taken over by a gang of Roaring 20s gangsters (An LA performance co-op) led by Jack Nance (Henry from Eraserhead, etc.); who greeted us at the door with a Tommy Gun.
The main showroom had a Review show hosted by Shields & Yarnell (unheard of then) and featuring Mean Gene The Dancing Machine (also unheard of then).
It was a lot of fun.
A year later, Shields & Yarnell had a network show & Mean Gene was a regular on various hidden camera shows, where he would spontaneously begin to tap dance. And Jack Nance was starting his David Lynch career.

@nojo: I kept hearing that tune when the headlines blared HE TRIED TO GRAB THE WHEEL

Keryiiist could this country get any more stupid. Like a crack ho that just found a sidewalk twenty, we just keep rolling around in the gutter and never hit rock bottom.

@jaycubed: I like how in Coppola’s The Conversation you can spot pre-network Shields miming in a San Francisco square where pre-Han Harrison Ford is doing a scene.

Oh dear god in heaven. No. Read Epictetus, or watch these nice people who can do many stuff.

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