The Stinque Braquet 2022

Let’s see… the Cardinals, the Yankees, and the Cardinals again. World Series, 1942-44. The best players weren’t on the field — busy elsewhere those years — but one reason Why We Fight is to have the freedom to enjoy life’s frivolous pleasures.

We’ve heard various versions of “how can you do that at a time like this” over the years, as if frivolousness isn’t a cherished part of human nature, the simple joy of simply existing. The weight of the world is for the gods to carry, not us.

Which is a helluva way to justify the Stinque Braquet, but bullshit is our business, abetted as always by the organizational wizardry of Braquet Dowager Mellbell.

And because Sport is nothing without the Agony of Defeat, of course we’ll be naming & shaming Losers daily. We need to be doing something besides hoarding supplies.


Any time people make the utilitarian argument against sports, I’m like “Guess we don’t need art either, huh?”

At least one team from Kentucky won their first game, lol.

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