But Is She Gohmert Dumb?

From Australia:

UPDATE: She’s out!


Oh god this is so embarassing…

Thank you Blogenfreude for exposing what I really kind of hoped would stay our nation’s dirty little secret.

It’s kinda like if you in-bred Arizona and the Tea Party for 5 generations you will get the One Nation party.

I mean even the name makes me think of brown shirts and jack-boots, but not in a nice tie me to the chair and slap me roughly way.


Oh my. Do you suppose she’s been stealing eucalyptus leaves from the koalas and eating them? If I recall correctly from my last visit to Oz, the koalas traded brain (IQ) and developed a monster liver to deal with toxins in the oil in those leaves, which is often used as a wood preservative. Perhaps that explains Mrs Banister?

♪♫ One leaf over the line sweet Jebus, one leaf over the line…♫♪

Has a Palin Virus been released in the air or something?

The One Nation Party: Eschewing oral hygiene since the First Fleet.

The One Nation Party: Taking OZ back to penal colony status.

The One Nation Party: Let’s be more like Georgia!

The One Nation Party: If we focus on Islam, we can fuck those Aborigines.

Nope. They’ve (male or female) always been with us– they meaning those with big dreams, big ambitions, vapid, not much talent, a little bit of charisma or photogenic and really really really fucking stupid.

In the old days, most of them kept themselves busy fucking things up for people on a personal or local level (once in a while causing the world to burn–see nazis.) Thanks to the internet and (un)reality TV (which loves that kind of person), that level of mega stupid goes global.

As I recall, Sarah Palin had to be taught that Africa wasn’t a country. So yeah, those two should get together.

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