(Almost) 44 Years Ago Today


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Didn’t we already have President Cheney?

U.S. Citizenry Admits It Could Kind Of Go For Charismatic Authoritarian Dictator

“When I think about it, submitting my will and personal beliefs to an all-powerful leader doesn’t seem half bad,” said survey respondent Jillian Medrano of Cocoa Beach, FL, who referred to the democratic process as “kind of a hassle.” “I don’t really want to bother with forming opinions about candidates or weighing multiple viewpoints on an issue, so if an egomaniacal autocrat just got up on a balcony and delivered a political message that we all had to support without question, it would make things a lot easier for me.”

@mellbell: Well, it’s almost July … damn I loved the space program.

The 2-3 Trillion spent on the stupid Iraqinam conquest could have gone to building a moon base or sending an expedition to Mars.

Smart decision making by W and Cheney (but it was mostly Cheney.)

@ManchuCandidate: Yeah, in the most evil and non-apology apology ever.

Cubbie posted this excellent breakdown of Exodus on the Book of Faces.

TJ for Civil War history buffs: 150 years ago today the state of West Virginia joined the Union, concluding the only lasting secession in the history of the United States. We’re coming up on the 150’th anniversary of the major Union victories at Vicksburg and Gettysburg, so be sure to rub it in on your quasi-Confederate acquaintances.

Sports TJ:

Fucking LaBron James and the announcers who can’t stop sucking his cock and cheering him on. It’s like listening to the announcers on a Duke basketball game.

That is all.

And Manu Ginobli needs to wipe the butter off his fingers.

Carry on.


@flippin eck: Jerry Bruckheimer? That’s just cold.

@ManchuCandidate: Dude, have you been watching Orphan Black? I love mysteries, thrillers, and kick-ass characters, and this one really takes the cake. It’s even more cliffhangery than Lost. I ask since it’s filmed in Toronto, and they’ve given the city a really gritty, dangerous vibe. The writing is totally crackerjack–I’ve rarely seen anything like it. All the best teevee is produced in Canadia now.

Toronto’s not Oakland…

Orphan Black’s really not my thing, but I’m glad you enjoyed it.

The funny thing is that the local version of Sigh Feh aka Space Network is really shit outside of a couple of series (Orphan Black being one of them.) Mostly Dr Who eps and Star Trek/Stargate Reruns. Showcase is doing some of the better ones that show up in US Amercia.

Generally the non network shows are better (and pretty much all I watch outside of Community.)

@ManchuCandidate: “Toronto’s not Oakland” is so awesome

@Dave H: Yeah — WV joining the Union is interesting. My personal mental exercise is trying to figure out how my maternal ancestors ended up there.

Great grandmom was born in the 1880s, her parents were likely born (guesstimates from here on) in the 1860s, and their parents, the 1840s. Most of them are part black (we have a Welsh GG grandmother in there). Some are part Indian.

Anyway, how did those black folks end up in WV? Were they runaway slaves from VA? Did they just happen to be in WV when it broke off from VA? I might have an ex-mormon buddy try to trace that line, but country and especially slave birth and death certs are hinky.

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