Donald-Trump-Bad-Hair-Photo-1“Jon Stewart is pretty great at skewering Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is pretty good at typing on an electronic device in order to post a short message on Twitter. Trump struggles in this asymmetrical warfare. On Wednesday, he lowered himself — a major feat in itself — to outing Jon Stewart as a Jew. ‘I promise you that I’m much smarter than Jonathan Leibowitz – I mean Jon Stewart @TheDailyShow. Who, by the way, is totally overrated,” Trump tweeted. He then defended his hair, claiming it is not a wig.” [The Atlantic Wire]


Then there was Spy Magazine’s classic description of Trump as a short-fingered vulgarian.

One wonders if it would be prudent to add more invective to the list of Trump descriptions. Because anti-Semitic is not that funny.

I think his hair is an alien symbiote. Trump is living proof that inherited wealth makes you emotionally stunted

The Trump tries to figure it out:

“This is my Ass – and this is a hole in the . . . No, No,
This is a hole in the ground – and this is my . . . No, No No.
THIS is my Ass – and this . . . No, No. This is my hole in the ground – and THAT is my . . . No, No, NO! . . . Oh, I give up.”

Does anyone care what Donald Trump has to say about any subject?

proof that the SFV doesn’t watch the show. Jon does not miss an opportunity to yell, I’M A JEW. some outing.
this is an old post, i’m catching up, without comment except now, because Bloggie, Dodger and I are your token Jews here at Stinque and are compelled to.

the outing i’m waiting for is bill maher. yeah yeah, you went to catholic school. your father is a Jew, bill. why you are a confused atheist.

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