images (1)What Ickes could not do in 2008, he will do eight years later BEEYOTCH!

Harold Ickes, a top Democratic fundraiser and longtime Clinton supporter, is advising a pro-Hillary Clinton super-PAC in preparation for her potential presidential run in 2016.

If she apologizes for the Iraq War vote I’m in.

Ballot Box – The Hill

Pareene has, in typically brilliant fashion, articulated the only test that matters for Hillary.

1) she’ll be sixty-freekin’-nine; 2) she’s a gazzilionare, and 3) she waved pom-poms for the U.S.- led Iraq bloodbath and American imperialism in general. So no. Tammy Baldwin ’16!

@jkiel: If 2016 turns out to be Hillary v. Jeb, I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

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