Do Not Want to Pay This Tax

not kimmel, the other one“The New York Daily News reports that budget documents state that ‘a talk or variety program’ that gets the credit ‘must be filmed before a studio audience’ of at least 200, have a production budget of at least $30 million or run at least $10 million in capital expenses — and has to have been shot outside New York for at least 5 seasons prior to relocation.” [The Interrobang]


And the host must not have a big chin?

To me this is like big stadiums – they always tell taxpayers it’ll return more than the investment, and it never does.

Of course the rate of return is 0. The Carolina Panthers CEO has been in the news for bitching and screaming that the NFL players make too much for crippling back/knee/shoulder injuries and the threat of going senile at the age of 45 AND wanting a new taxpayer subsidized stadium. He got busted by leaked financial documents sent to Deadspin for making 112 million in two years

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