Old Times There Are Not Forgotten

The CPACers don’t quite know how to respond to undistilled overt racism:


Yeah, I don’t understand at all why non whites would want to vote for Conservatives.

re: CPAC 2016 Presidential Preference Poll – Make it 3 to 2 odds for Rand Paul to top the list. Romney would be among the also rans at 99 to 1.

Just imagine if they were saying what they really think.

@Benedick: Probably like the good folks of Rock Ridge or the late great Harry Morgan as General Steele in his first role on MASH. His bigotry shows up pretty far into the clip.
Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

It was Ron’s boy Rand by a head (empty) over weakened tea fav Rubio. Winning tickets may be cashed at any Too Big To Fail bank.

@BobCens: Don’t we love the wig? It makes me think Oz. Or cocktail bars at the Columbus airport when all flights out have been cancelled due to snow and the salesmen are drinking the bar dry of bourbon and the lounge singer – a single mom in her early 40s who once covered Chita in Chicago – starts into her 5th go-round of her set when a curly head of hair appears over the piano. Same thing.

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