If you haven’t already, head over to Ranker and rank ’em (you can add wingnuts too). Bachmann has zoomed into 2nd place and is beating out Allen West, among others:

Who Is The Craziest Right Winger?


That is a list of some serious stupid and/or paid shills.

@ManchuCandidate: I really thought Atlas Juggs would be in the top 5, but once I put the list up it’s out of my hands (save my single vote).

I voted for Louis because, well, because and my VOTE WUZ SCRUBBED!!! I ‘m calling election fraud. ACORN scrubbed my vote!

So many of these Craziest Right Wingers seem to be self-promoting talking heads with no desire to accomplish anything beyond making more and more money. I want to know the individuals who seriously devote their lives to turning this country into a religious oligopoly. Any chance of starting another list for the most activist “conservative” opposed to the US continuing as a functioning republic with separation of church and state? From your list I’d include Rove and Norquist. Then there are justices Scalia, Roberts, Alito and Thomas who approve torture and Citizens United and the Patriot Act. There are also big conservative financial backers like the Koch brothers and Adelson, as well as the powerful evangelical Christians who want all other religions – except Jews, who we need for Armageddon – stamped out. There have got to be plenty of people in the 1% working very hard to crush the other 99%.

I would love to vote, but here, in Florida, you must stand in this dang-gone line that stretches around the block. It turns out in my county the white vote was down. (Old white people just won’t stand in lines unless it’s free food or Hannity) Black and Hispanic voters registered big double digit participation numbers. And standing in line 2 – 6 hours to do so.

@BobCens: Here on the UWS got to polling place @ 7:30 pm, no line, bored-looking guy was in fact happy to see me. In and out in 8 minutes.

@Dave H: Thanks for the inspiration – added some S.Ct. justices, a few W-era scofflaws, and a couple from the Clinton era. List now stands at 100 – please review and let me know who else to add, or add ’em yourself.

@blogenfreude: I tried to add Daniel Henninger but couldn’t get site to respond. Strange things have been happening with our computer lately. I have no idea what I was doing wrong. If anyone reading this dislikes him as much as I do, please add him.

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