Thankfully all I see through my peephole is delivery guys:


The picture I tried to take of Giants pitcher Sergio Romo rocking his “I Just Look Illegal” t-shirt during the World Series parade didn’t work out, so here you go.

We are aware that the Village Hallowe’en (correct spelling. Thank you for caring) parade has been cancelled for the first time in like forever? I planned to go as Mary Matalin/James Carville.

@SanFranLefty: I was kept inside my building today as POTUS made a drop by visit to pick up Fugate of FEMA before heading off for Jersey. Who knew they carpooled to these things?

So yeah, no pictures from me, either. We were only able to observe the motorcade as it left, as well as the impressive array of muscle and firepower that is required to guard the motorcade route and carry the football.

45 kids and counting. I thought the rain and the cold would keep the buggers at bay. Nope. Picking up that extra bag of Tootsie Rolls is paying off.

@ManchuCandidate: Per usual, not expecting any anklebiters. And, per usual, bought a bag of Three Musketeers just in case. Which means, per usual, I’ll be devouring them in a few hours.

@Beggars Biscuit: I got a pretty good picture of Nancy Pelosi going by in a convertible. Half the people in front of me didn’t recognize her so I got a fairly unobstructed shot. She had a shit-ton of Secret Service agents surrounding around the convertible; given the SS’s track record with convertibles in parades and the level of hatred directed at her, probably a good idea to do so. Only one 6’5″ 300 pound drunk knucklehead with horrific body odor stormed the side of Market Street I was on trying to get to the front of the crowd, and almost knocked me and my friend over in the process, but that was towards the end of the parade.

Count is 55 now.

I usually give away my leftovers at Trivia Night (I admit to eating a few.)

@SanFranLefty: To be fair, I hardly recognized her on The Daily Show the other day with her new (to me, anyway) ‘do.

@Benedick: Yes, you are, Sweetie Pie. I’m Scout. I’ll be your friend. Lefty is Atticus.

@JNOV: ahh thanks.

If I ever have a son, or male dog or cat, his name will be Atticus.

And I was in a high school theatre performance of TKAM, and it’s up there with Sense & Sensibility as my favorite all time book. Sherlock Holmes short stories are a separate category.

Stone me. I don’t get it. Do not care for the film. G Peck as a southerner? And never thought the book was more than so-so till I saw an extremely good American Masters about it. I might try it again. Am now in the middle of Wuthering Heights – when I’m not playing Angry Birds. Never a favorite but again, read a very impressive piece by Francine Prose about it and… I’m interested by how young they all are. Catherine is 15, Heathcliff 16. But so far I’m all kinds of meh. Not unlike my reaction to a re-reading of Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde at the insistence of Nabokov, who taught on it. Not so much. What exactly does Hyde do that’s so very bad? What exactly do they do up on the moors? Who does Boo Radley’s shopping? For that matter, who takes out the Phantom’s trash. These are things we should know. When Kitty goes with Levin to be with his dying brother we know pretty much everything we need to know about everyone including what brand of boxer shorts Levin wears (full confession, he is the most attractive man in Tolstoy along with Nicholas Rostov. I know we’re supposed to love Pierre but isn’t he kind of annoying?). I’m just saying. It’s a funny thing about some books that make us love them without reason. And other, much better books leave us cold.

Thought for tonight: Middlemarch. The only book I know in which the two characters who should marry each other each marry unsuitable partners and never achieve the bliss that should have been theirs. So they live compromised lives with compromised loves. It’s very extraordinary.

We had no trick/treaters. They know better than to come here. Pugs crave blood.

@Benedick: Have you ever read the Ghornanghast Trillogy? I think it would be right up your alley…

@Tommmcatt May Just Have Some MJ In His System As Well, So What?: I remember giving it a shot in school. In between being flogged or made to write “I will not commit lewd acts in the cricket pavilion” five hundred times.

@Beggars Biscuit: Strangely, I only know them for their contribution to the “So I Married An Axe Murderer” soundtrack.

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