Nothing Really to Report …

Some rattling of the A/C units in the window frames, lots of rain then … no rain. Keep in mind that I am two alleys off the main street and face the back of another building, as you will see:

Will do my best to report again in 2 hours or so ….


All the rain has opened up leaks in our roof that were “fixed” months ago, but we’re in no danger of water coming up from below, so it could be much worse.

@mellbell: you are in DC right? what neighborhood?

@blogenfreude: South end of Adams Morgan, close to Dupont.

@mellbell: Had apartment @ 17th and P for the duration of law school and 2 years after … here? Still no real issues at my location.

And that location? You are close to one of my favorite restaurants … Meskerem. Tried it?

And 4 important Sandy questions answered here.

@blogenfreude: Yes, and it’s very good, but their injera just isn’t as sour as I like. My favorite is Habesha Market on 9th, but there are so many I haven’t tried yet.

@mellbell: the spongy bread is important … educate me if you find something better …

@blogenfreude: Well

Sandy has made landfall this evening and continues to push a huge storm surge onshore in New Jersey and New York. The MTA has reported that the East River subway has flooded with 4 feet of sea water.

Lots of websites originating in NYC seem to be down.

@ManchuCandidate: They shut down part of the power grid, and then other parts of the grid lost power.

@nojo: Ahem.

In Manhattan a few hours earlier, a construction crane atop one of the tallest buildings in the city came loose and dangled 80 stories over West 57th Street, across the street from Carnegie Hall.

And that Mutiny on the Bounty ship sank. I blame Johnny Depp.

Probably does a lot to explain the uneven internet.

Hope every one is safe.

YouTube not letting me upload latest video – all it says is nothing to say … winds at the back of my building not anything to speak about, reports elsewhere tell me the city is hurting. My power is still on … impact here is negligible if even that. More as I learn about it …

@JNOV: Everybody’s got a livecam on it, so they don’t miss the crane de-dangling.

Friend in the Village without power. Radio silence from Brooklyn. NYT reports “no timeline” for getting subways up and running. Major flooding. Last I saw on FB, Prommie had not left his waterfront house.
I’m in Germany, thinking of all my east coast stinquers and feeling very grateful I fly home through Chicago.

Fun note: iPad autocorrect wanted to change stinquers to “satin queers.” I like it.

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