Times Square Subway, 10pm

via @MTAInsider

The AP has just announced that Hurricane Sandy will cost Obama the election, since Democratic voters will be unable to get to the polls (and Bain & Company will flip the Zomney switch on their voting machines). Sweet dreams, everyone!

Metro is closed tomorrow, as are the Feds and, therefore, my office.

More UWS photos – Papyrus is a stationery store, so I suppose the boarding up makes sense … just a few blocks from me.

And more empty subway photos … so weird when you’ve been in all those spaces …

@blogenfreude: That first shot of Grand Central is uncanny.

@mellbell: And even more photos, some the same ones, but higher resolution.

Wow. You have to have lived there to appreciate that picture, at thar hour.

And of course there are drink recommendations for the storm … vodka tonic for me.

@mellbell: I found out very unhelpfully only after leaving my brood behind and making the weekly commute down here. Only upside was being able to listen to my Stillers remind RGIII he is a rookie on a pretty mediocre team.

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